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"A series of" credit card promotion time: January 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016: the object of Agricultural Bank of China Credit Card Cardholder (debit card, business card except) activities: during the event, where the cardholder monthly cumulative consumption quota of next month to store activities (including washing, viewing) enjoy a yuan a series of promotions. Activity rules: 1, the cardholder card total consumption of 1000 yuan (inclusive) to 3000 yuan, 2 times a month can enjoy "one yuan" series preferential card; the total consumption of 3000 yuan (inclusive) to 5000 yuan, 3 times a month can enjoy "one yuan" series preferential card; the total consumption of 5000 and to the next month, "a series of eligible 4 yuan discount. 2, the same customer holding multiple credit cards, to enjoy the most preferential credit card prevail. 3, customer participation activities only need to produce my own condition of the credit card, the system automatically determine whether the conditions and conditions of the number of times. 4, the discount can only enjoy the month, the second month invalid. 5, the number of activities is limited, first come first served, welcome the credit card customers to participate actively.

“一元系列”信用卡促销活动 活动时间:   2016年1月1日―2016年6月30日 活动对象:   农行信用卡持卡人(准贷记卡、商务卡除外) 活动内容:   活动期间,凡持卡人单月累积消费满额,次月即可到活动门店(包含洗车、观影等)享受“一元系列”优惠活动。 活动细则:   1、持卡人单卡累计消费1000元(含)至3000元以下,次月可享2次“一元系列”优惠;单卡累计消费3000(含)元至5000元以下,次月可享3次“一元系列”优惠;单卡累计消费5000元及以上,次月可享4次“一元系列”优惠。   2、同一客户持有多张信用卡的,以可享受优惠次数最多的信用卡为准。   3、客户参与活动仅需出示本人符合条件的信用卡,系统自动判断是否符合条件和符合条件的次数。   4、优惠只可当月享受,次月无效。   5、活动数量有限,先到先得,欢迎广大信用卡客户积极参与。相关的主题文章: