Pakistan Intelligence Sharpe Kerns at 4 consecutive away very mediocre

Pakistan Intelligence: Sharpe Kerns 4 consecutive away victorious at mediocre Wednesday 002           Pakistan   Botta Fuego VS; Kearns chapais       2016-11-17 05:30         stadium: Havelange stadium, Rio De Janeiro weather: 28° a 35 round of rain Pakistan, Botta Fuego home court against Kearns chapais. Botta Fuego on wheel away than 0 0 draw with giants Flamengo, although the last two draws, but in the 7 round is 5 wins and 2 draws unbeaten. This week, 34 wheel zhanba product 55 points ranked fifth in the Botta Fuego home court against the plot 46 points ranked tenth in Kearns chapais. This season the Pakistan play the first leg, Botta Fuego was away than 1 2 defeat, a home court battle with Pakistan in the 2014 season, then 1 to 0 victory over Sharpe Kerns. In addition, the Botta Fuego League nearly 10 home wins, 2 draws and 1 defeats record outstanding, the last time the League home defeat is already about two months ago, the first time in the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States is the first time the league has lost more than 7 months. The battle of defender Ricardo, midfielder Elton and goalkeeper Jefferson hurt Hugh and Sasha striker accumulated yellow card suspension, but even so, Bao Ping Sheng should be optimistic about the home court. With the substitute midfielder Kemp Byrness goal seventy-sixth minutes of the half, Sharpe Kerns 1 to 0 victory over the last round of home court Figue Ellen J. This week, the race nearly 4 games unbeaten at Sharpe Kerns Botta Fuego, even though the other side is promoted, but as a veteran, Botta Fuego has long been ahead to avoid relegation to complete the task and is expected to impact the intercontinental tournament next season tickets. However, Sharpe Kerns did not fear Botta Fuego, in fact, the last 2 meetings, Sharpe Kerns also winning this season, the Pakistan the first leg, Sharpe Kerns had more than 1 wins 2 home court. However, Sharpe Kerns’s League at ability is mediocre, has 4 consecutive away victorious, nearly 10 away 5 draw. This war suspended midfielder Yossi Marr, defender Marcello, defender Moises, defender Jimenez, midfielder Matthaeus Martin Nuccio and striker injured Hugh, the index is less than the Botta Fuego squad. Since 2014, the past with Kearns chapais Botafogo only had 3 meetings, record of 1 wins 0 flat 2 negative, into 2 ball, lost 4 ball games, August 24, 2014 1 more than 0 Pakistan home court. (Nazario)相关的主题文章: