Peng Yuchang Birthday Photo EP you must signature meeting

Peng Yuchang EP "you" Birthday Photo signature will be held in the conference site Yuchang Peng Peng Peng Yuchang Yuchang conference conference Sina entertainment news conference Peng Yuchang Peng Yuchang into the music scene, single "you must" after the official release, held a birthday party and Birthday Photo EP signature meeting on the afternoon of October 23rd, attracting hundreds of fans, for the first time you sing song "some fans and the audience chorus". Peng Yuchang cooperation with two scenes of cooperation with the help of Zhu Jianliang. October 25th is the birthday of Peng Yuchang in addition to outside, is also the first anniversary of the anniversary of Yuchang Peng added rice. The company specially for Peng Yuchang birthday to Birthday Photo EP signings. On the day of the event, the company gave Peng Yuchang "you must" as a birthday gift, Peng is very treasure, and that will continue to work hard. Xu Weizhou, Zhu Yuanbing, Terry Chui [micro-blog], [micro-blog], Xu Lu, misty sea bell etc. have sent VCR blessing, rice family brothers and sisters also offer blessings to cheer him. Subsequently, Peng Yuchang first sang friend Zhu Yuanbing tailored to their single "you", the scene first exposure and Jiang Ruize co starred in the child heart MV. He sent Peng Yuchang Zhou Hao playing agent CEO on a ukulele as a birthday gift, I hope he in music on the road more walk more far, Peng also Yuchang new album wishes to get good grades. The final signings link, Pumpaa scene fans one by one for signature. (commissioning editor: Landscape)相关的主题文章: