Private high school students accused of selling more than 500 students in the school or college entr masa-c

Private high school is 30 thousand sold more than 500 high school students to school or college entrance examination – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Taizhou on November 11th news China according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that 4 of this month, in 2017 the Jiangsu province college entrance examination registration deadline, but a private middle school in Taizhou City, at least more than and 500 senior students, but can not through the college entrance examination online registration, may have lost the opportunity to participate in college entrance examination. According to reporters from the Taizhou Municipal Bureau of education information, the name of "Taizhou Zhentai senior middle school" the private high school, as early as last year, it was clear to cancel the enrollment eligibility, that is to say, the school is currently in a state of illegal school. Zhentai middle school students’ parents on behalf of Mr. Mao said, his children in 2014 to participate in the senior high school entrance examination, did not reach the local high school admission line, in the middle of the introduction, to pay thirty thousand dollars to the middlemen, sign up on the vibration of Thai middle school. Mr. Mao said, the child to take the exam, high school admission examination, out for a few minutes or ten minutes, Zhentai high school commitment can apply for enrollment card, pay 30 thousand dollars, do the student card again to other good schools to Jie Du, to pay 20 thousand. There is also a case, admitted to the child, but the school is not good, the other good school to go to school to Tai Jie Du, vibration for student card, is this two kinds of situation. Mr. Mao said, in high school, the two and a half years, not what the abnormal situation, because the school year to show parents permit private schools, valid till 2019, so parents are more at ease. It was not until 4 this month. The student card is built in the vibration Thai middle school, the undertaking will to 4 apply, the 4 can not be reported, the latest to No. 7, No. 7 and report not name, until the site is closed, so many students could not report, the school does not say, said there is no way that can not be reported name." In desperation, hundreds of students and parents began to step by step to government departments to reflect the situation, reflect the problem to the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, the parents learned that their child has no student card and vibration Thai secondary school enrollment qualifications would be canceled. Mao said: the school card is not built in Taizhou, after the incident showed in the provinces, the Department of education explained to us that there is no such thing, there is no school card. The education department to understand the situation is vibration Thai school three years ago has been cut off, and the school has no enrollment qualifications, why there are people in the membership card and the Bureau of education enrollment, without the support of local government may?" On the official website of vibration Thai secondary school, there are such words: "even the average high school scores are not up to the junior high school graduates, after entering the vibration Thai high school, one by one to the University dream." The official website of the school is still prominently placed on the local television station broadcast in May 19th this year, the news about the vibration Thai middle school. This afternoon, the reporter contacted the parties through a variety of ways, but as of press time ago, are not able to effectively communicate with the Taixing Municipal Propaganda Department, the Education Bureau, as well as vibration Thai secondary school. It is understood that the founder of vibration Thai secondary Gu Ping Road, Donghua University, Shanghai.相关的主题文章: