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Weight-Loss In mixed martial arts (MMA) true MMA fitness .bines physical and psychological training. The mental preparation never stops. As the mixed martial artist trains physically, his mind does too–and both work in synergy. But psychological training continues even outside the gym and the true mixed martial artist incorporates it seamlessly in his daily life. Below are strategies and techniques that are used in MMA fitness and training to enhance mental fitness and to raise it not only to .petition level, but to also enhance his overall quality of life. 1.Breathing and relaxation. MMA fitness and training incorporates breathing and relaxation exercises to manage stress, be at peace, and to take control of your mind. Part of being in control is to always be humble and respectful of others. True strength lies not in just conquering others, but in having self control. These exercises and state of mind also enhance concentration and reduce anxiety. 2.Visualization. Visualizing your win from the start of your training sets your goal before you and provides the motivation to give your full .mitment to your MMA fitness and training workout. 3.Body/mind connection. There is no separating the physical and mental aspects of your MMA fitness training–they overlap. Self awareness as you go through your workout is a must. As a fighter, you must be aware of the entire process of your training and be in tune with the feel of your body your kicks, punches, overall strength and conditioning. You must realistically assess your strengths and weaknesses, and work on those weaknesses. 4.Outward focus. As your technique, strength and endurance improve, you must now begin to look outward. Watch others train and take mental notes of what they do differently, and what you can take from this. You must always .pare yourself to others to know your own level. You must also watch .petitions analytically, and see what they did right and where they went wrong; their style and mental attitude. 5.Study your opponent. Mental strength .es not just from realistically knowing you have trained well, but also from studying your opponent and accurately assessing his strengths and weaknesses. You must watch videos of his fights and from what you see, devise a game planand a backup plan as well. You want to exploit his weaknesses and maximize on your strengths. 6.Confidence backed with substance. True confidence and mental preparedness is backed up when you know that you have trained well, studied your opponent, have a game plan and intend stick to it. You have limited the possibility for any unpleasant surprises that may arise during the fight. This is the way to physical and mental MMA fitness. Stress levels go down and confidence is high when you are well trained, well prepared and have your plan. 7.Have realistic expectations. In that ring your mind must be calm and controlled. You must avoid emotions like anger and fear. Anger makes you react rather than act. Fear must be channeled to benefit you. Accept that you will get hurt, punched, maybe injured. But your plan if implemented will minimize collateral damage to yourself. Focus on how you will defeat him. Never lose focus. 8.The good news is, it works for life, too. Some people do martial arts as a hobby after work, or just like the training. The true mixed martial artist incorporates the training into his daily life. Principles of mixed martial arts include being humble and respectful of yourself and your colleagues, controlling your violent thoughts, and knowing that your martial arts skills belong only in the ring. MMA fitness can be equivalent to fitness for living. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: