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Qinghai Museum of the Millennium (witness the change of Chinese Museum Tour Miya?) – Qinghai Channel – people.com.cn original title: witness changes beyond the Millennium (Miya? Tour the Museum of China), the figure figure figure figure to picture the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the Huangshui Valley, a is located in the west of Xining Museum display "thousands of years of history beyond the Great Wall" for the people. This is the largest museum on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau – Qinghai provincial museum. The arrow "will pull – such as the full moon, looking northwest, Sirius radio," said arrows (Figure 8), people will think of Hou Yi Lv Bu, "shooting the halberd and other well-known story; anyone can imagine that Su Dongpo" will pull – such as the full moon, looking northwest, Sirius radio, "the bold; someone will pop out Jin Yong’s novel" Eagle Shooting Heroes "in the plot in mind: Guo Jing right knee kneel, bow with arrows to the full moon, as a meteor, an arrow through a double. In a sense, the bow seems to have been a cultural gene throughout history. Especially in Qinghai, from the Neolithic Age to the Bronze Age of the Majiayao culture, Kayue culture, Nuo Muhong culture, unearthed a large number of stone arrowheads, bone arrowheads, copper arrowheads. Now in Qinghai Province Museum bow, is 1956 in Qinghai Qaidam Basin reclamation Nuomuhong farm excavated. The arrow bamboo, a tail feather, feather different forms, some linear, some spiral. Each arrow in the form of a different, delicate and sharp, from the shape, there are three main: Willow shaped arrow, diamond shaped arrow and shovel shaped arrow. The arrow shovel shaped tail feathers are spiral shaped, called Mingdi, is called "Xiangjian Mingdi, first, because when the first arrow and acoustic emission, can be used as a signal of arrows, equivalent to today’s signal bomb. Today, in Qinghai, Ledu and other places, still retains the ancient customs of Nanshan, horse racing, archery, archery "has become the most widely spread in these areas, the largest number of participants in sports. She "Qiangdi why blame willows, spring breeze of Yumen Pass", beyond the Great Wall, Datang’s cavalry combat readiness. Xu is a frontier for too long, some people think of home, looking east Changan, picked up the bamboo flute (Figure 7) playing willow song, plaintive flute awakens the drunken poet. Liangzhou desolate, Shuzu blue, the poet sigh thousands chant "Qiangdi why blame willows, spring breeze of Yumen Pass" the eternal quatrains. The Millennium poem sung in the bamboo flute sound in my ears. Legend, the earliest bamboo flute from the eagle. The Qiang people with farming for a living, in order to prevent the eagle and other birds of prey attacked livestock, sometimes shooting eagles, the eagle leg with a knife drilling, accidentally unexpectedly blowing out the sound, then have a bamboo flute. Museum in Qinghai Province, one in the western suburbs of Xining City, Zhu Jia Zhai bone flute Kayue culture cemetery unearthed bronze age. Bone flute residual length of 15.4 cm, flute surface drill has two groups of 8 holes, pore diameter of 0.4 cm. The bone flute is the rudiment of its later. Experts, Qiangdi "wide range, low tone deep and thick, and the officers and men of the frontier mood reached a fit. The vast grassland and desert of Gobi, when the four night, the cold hit, the sound through the sky around the bamboo flute)相关的主题文章: