Real Estate In 2006-are You

Real-Estate Real Estate Is Changing-Is the Industry Ready? Real estate in 2006 is shaping up to be a different animal than the USA has dealt with for the past 5 years. The market is turning away from the days of selling within two weeks, for full asking price. Though profits will remain high and tangible, some weeding will occur, as new agent/brokers that entered the industry during the sellers market, find that they do not have the skills to change with the times. Today, real estate professionals are finding that specializing is the path to new growth and continued profits in this highly .petitive industry. Niche markets such as Short Sales, Broker Price Opinions, and Credit Repair are just a few areas with training available to the savvy agent/broker. Niche marketing has proven to provide a highly loyal clientele. This clientele is often the first time purchaser that will move on to the resale, upgrade, investment and even downsizing markets. This is the clientele that the profession wants to build, as they will bring future profits to the fold. Some niche markets do not directly sell to a purchaser. There is the Broker Price Opinion market that provides valuations for the banks in financial transactions such as refinance, HELOC, and second mortgages. The Short Sale market works directly with banks to list a subject and handle all of the sales transaction. Staging is a new market in the real estate industry that involves presentation of the subject for sale. Credit repair works directly with the public BEFORE they are in the purchasing pool. There are even niches such as manufactured housing that provide high return on investment. There are few internet training sites for the real estate professional. Those that have had the foresight to provide training programs for specialized real estate niche markets have been thoroughly tested. RealEstateProGuides.. is quickly the standard for these training sites. They provide .prehensive training programs that not only define the niche market, but provide business management tools and marketing tools specifically designed for the real estate professional. This is decidedly the site to watch for new areas of expertise and growth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: