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Rice noodles etc. on Millet Lei Jun said the Note 2 – Sohu is developing digital mobile phone China [news] waiting for so long, is not a bit disappointed to find out the millet millet 5S 5S Plus? Forget the reduced frequency of Xiaolong 821 and metal wire drawing process! Millet is still behind the big move. Yesterday evening, Lei Jun said publicly in a live interactive link, millet Note 2 is in development. Although because of confidentiality reasons, Lei Jun did not give more effective information, but at least the millet Note series have qualified successors, it makes Rice noodles happy. You know, millet 5S 5S on the release of millet Note 2 shadow, a lot of people were very worried about millet Note 2 died at the time. According to the third party broke the news, millet Note 2 will use the curved screen, equipped Xiaolong 821 processor, equipped with 5.7 inches 2K resolution screen, is expected to be released in October, is this month. Millet 5S 5S Plus to varying degrees, there are some shortcomings, people quite tangled, I do not know millet Note 2 can be achieved in the hearts of rice a perfect flagship?相关的主题文章: