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Beauty Rosacea is an inflammatory condition resembling acne. Rosacea usually marks fair-skinned people with red patches on the face. It can now be reversed by applying to the skin a gel approved by the FDA in December 1988. This gel with metronidazole been observed to have fewer side effects than long-term therapy with tetracycline, the standard therapy for rosacea. Rosacea is relatively .mon, typically occurring in individuals of Northern European and Celtic origin between 30 and 50 years of age. It is more .mon in women, but may be more severe in men. Currently there is no cure available for rosacea, but it can be controlled with topical and oral drug therapy. Almost all rosacea sufferers are sun sensitive and need to take great care in protecting the skin (especially facial skin) from exposure. A daily mild skin care cleansing routine followed by the application of some type of sun screen is almost universal for those dealing with rosacea. A number of .panies carry products for sensitive skin that include sun protection however, it is important to make sure the skin is .patible with the sun screen lotion being used. Metronidazole is a .pound that has received numerous researches in battle against rosacea. Metronidazole is an imidazole, and is classified as an antiprotozoal and antibacterial agent. Although this drug has an antimicrobial effect, it is not clear whether the beneficial effects result from direct suppression of skin bacteria. The exact mechanism by which topical metronidazole reduces inflammatory lesions and erythema in rosacea is unknown but its anti-inflammatory effect may be due to its antioxidant action. This .pound can be taken orally or topically, depending on your skins condition. Aside from metronidazole, people dealing with rosacea have to stick to a strict skin care routine in order to prevent and manage the inflammation of these acne-like growths on the skin. According to the National Rosacea society, sufficient knowledge of facial care techniques and make up application is the key to dealing with this condition. Look for products that are noted as appropriate for sensitive skin or skin with rosacea and avoid any products that sting, burn or cause irritation. Dermatology clinics often offer their own facial creams that are appropriate for sensitive skin so you might want to check out their line of products. Facial cleansing is an important aspect of dealing with this condition. Daily mild facial cleansing lessens the tendencies of outbreaks. Choose a facial cleanser that is apt for your skin typedry, normal, or oily. Use warm water to cleanse your face ac.panied by a slow massaging circular motion with your fingertips. A mild and fragrance-free moisturizing lotion should then be applied after your facial cleansing routine. Your dermatology clinic may re.mend the application of additional lotions to reduce inflammation as well. For men who have this condition and need to shave, here are some tips. Use an electric razor to lessen burns. Avoid any form of shaving cream because it could further irritate your skin. Instead, use a post-shave balm and/or moisturizing lotion to help soothe the skin. For women who want to use make-up to improve the appearance of the skin, the important thing to remember is to keep it simple and avoid putting on too much make-up. This clogs the pores and irritates the skin. Also, cleanse and moisturize facial skin before anything else. In addition, choose make-up with UV protection, preferably a green-tinted base with UV protection to even out the skin tone and protect your face from the suns harmful rays. Make-up in cream or lotion form is best for skin with rosacea. If youre also worried about wrinkles, ask your dermatology clinic for facial and body lotions with anti-aging properties. Ordinary anti-aging creams may not necessarily work for skin with rosacea. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: