Ruzhou a car and forklift rear driver and 2 passengers died on the spot (video) acbel

Ruzhou a car and forklift rear driver and 2 passengers died on the spot in the]11 7, and in the same direction as the rear driving forklift driving Ruzhou a drunk driver. Car accident caused by the driver and 2 passengers were killed on the spot, 1 people were injured, two vehicles damaged to varying degrees. Cherish life away from drunk driving [] in November 7, 2016 1 pm, Ruzhou City Driver ruanmou (drunk driving) driving Yu DB9XXX number of small cars traveling from east to west to the east gate of Ruzhou Guangcheng new stadium road, and in the same direction as the rear end truck driver named Ma driving. Accident caused by the driver of the car and 2 people were killed on the spot, the man was injured on the ride, the two cars damaged to varying degrees. Ruzhou police remind the majority of drivers: cherish life, away from drunk driving." Video: Ruzhou: "730 girl killed case successfully solved (No. 9 live August 11th) related: Blue South Expressway Weishi section of the multi car rear end car carrying two people this morning, even the high-speed Huo Sanmenxia car trailer rear end 2 people died in Zhengzhou Benz a small van rear end off said not the driver Henan recommendation: a beat set solicitation order: Double eleven special [theme] dog abuse now whether you are single or single off, must have experienced or are experiencing abuse by couples, photographed show loving couple (street kiss) picture, express your masochistic mood! Contribution email: dywypjh@qq, specify the subject of submission, the location of the shooting and the name of the photographer, contact information, such as a brief note. Henan card glory birth: Henan cold weather to hot springs idle away in seeking pleasure over the flowers fragrant spring only 10 yuan net Henan there is such a special service, come and see. > > > > scan two-dimensional code download news client whenever and wherever possible to watch the news! Today’s hot news: Henan beauty rich two generation national Huobian the profit for the year two hundred million or three hundred million; Dengfeng baby boy abandoned disabled couple in front of the emergency hospital out of danger.相关的主题文章: