Shaoyang 6 year old boy to go abroad to visit relatives scratched by monkeys high fever (video) poper

Shaoyang 6 year old boy to go abroad to visit relatives scratched by monkeys high fever caused by the original title: to go abroad to visit relatives scratched by monkeys, Hunan 6 year old boy high fever Changsha evening palm 6 year old boy who lives in Shaoyang on October 9th news Changsha Ning (a pseudonym) for children in Laos during a visit by a golden monkey baby scratch neighbor the arm was caught a few long bloodstains. Because of a hurry to catch the plane to return home, Ning son’s parents just wash the wound with water, a simple treatment. Who knows a few days after returning home, Ning son but there was a recurrent high fever and headache, in the local doctor’s advice, the child was sent to the Hunan Children’s Hospital. Doctors, Ning children on the right arm of the wound reached 4 cm, bacteria may enter the body, according to the condition, suspected of suffering from sepsis. In addition, the concern is that the child scratched by monkeys after disinfection, anti infection treatment is not timely, not timely vaccination of rabies vaccine, once infected with rabies or tetanus, mortality rate was more than 90%. Experts said that the weather is hot in summer and autumn, animal temperament prone to irritability, while people wear less clothes, animal bites, wounding the situation is more likely to occur. Members of the public should try to avoid contact with wild animals, food smell, feeding movements, the size of the sound and other factors, may lead to the emergence of such a self defensive behavior of the bite. It is a reminder that the cat and dog animal bites, scratches, if the skin is damaged, the first time to wash the wound with water injection, and in 24 hours to prevent infection of rabies virus vaccine. (Changsha evening news reporter Tang Jiangpeng correspondent Zhan Rong) video recommendation: one minute to teach you to have this. The rabies相关的主题文章: