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Legal The social security disability medical conditions list is the list of all the conditions that social security accepts for qualifying an individual as being disabled. However, this list can be very .plicated at times and many people do not realize that, just because you have a condition that is listed somewhere in their headings, you may not meet the specific criteria outlined in the further explanation of that condition. This is why the application process can be a very .plicated and lengthy one at times. It is a matter of proving conclusively, through medical records and evidence, that you are disabled as outlined by their qualifying standards. The social security disability medical conditions list is broken into fourteen categories. These are: musculoskeletal system, special senses and speech, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, genitourinary system, hematological disorders, skin disorders, endocrine system, impairments that affect multiple body systems, neurological, mental disorders, malignant neoplastic disease and immune system. This can seem like an overwhelming list at first, but it is meant to be all inclusive of the conditions that could validly prevent an individual from working for at least one year. That is the important thing to realize about the social security disability medical conditions list. In order to be approved for disability, your condition must be assessed as being serious enough that it is going to prevent you from working for a period of one year or greater because social security is not involved with short term disability. This is part of the reason that the criteria, as outlined within each of the categories named above, are so specific and detailed. The only way to prove that you, in fact, qualify under the social security disability medical conditions list for disability is to have your condition proved through medical records. This doesn’t mean a note from your doctor saying that you can’t work, although that sort of thing is occasionally helpful. Instead, this means the conclusive medical test results such as x-rays, MRIs, or lab results that prove that your condition meets all of the specifics as outlined in their guidelines. The social security disability medical conditions list can be .plicated to understand at times. It is phrased in both medical and legal jargon that the everyday person is not well versed in. This is part of the reason that it is very important to retain the services of a qualified representative or attorney for the duration of your claims process. Specialists in social security disability claims understand the language that is set out in the social security disability medical conditions list and they also know what supporting documentation is required from your health care professionals in order to prove that the criteria is met. The guidelines can be met, but the important thing is being able to prove that to the judge at the further stages of the application process. That is where the expertise of Social Security attorneys is invaluable. An attorney is a very important asset if you want to be prepared when your claim goes before the judge. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: