Sotheby’s New York night shoot Monck girl on the bridge $54 million hammer ca1816

Sotheby’s New York night shoot Monck "girl on the bridge" $54 million hammer local time the evening of November 14th, New York Sotheby’s Impressionist and modern art "auction held the night has 43 pieces of art works from late nineteenth Century to twentieth Century, the representative of the impressionist painting to sculpture, modern art pioneer in various face market. The total turnover of $157741750. The most notable is the Norway artist Edward Monk (Edvard Munch) works "girl on the bridge" (The Girls on the Bridge), this work for $43 million starting, the final hammer to $54 million. Monck, "the girl on the bridge" "girl on the bridge" was created by Monck in 1902 a groundbreaking work, Meng Kezheng was in a volatile period of emotion, but creation is unusually rich, this depicts a group of girls crowded in a village on the bridge. Color rich, full of emotion. From expressionism Fauvism to pop art, Monck’s influence on modern art is profound, the 2015 Holland Van Gogh Museum and the Monck Museum in Norway jointly launched the "Monck X Van Gogh" two artists and Zhi, show their crazy, the poet’s artistic talent type. Today, Monck’s art is more dazzling than ever before. Every one has caused a stir in the market. As early as in 1996, this piece of work for $7 million 700 thousand price, in 2008 and took out the price of $30 million 800 thousand, both artists set a record. And in 2012, the most representative art works of history of Monck’s "cry" (The Scream) at Sotheby’s sold for $119 million 900 thousand. One of the most expensive works of art sold at auction was to break 4 auction records. Last year, Picasso’s Algiers woman (version O) to $179 million 400 thousand deal to refresh the record of the most expensive works of art. Picasso, "the painter and his model" the Sotheby’s auction, Picasso created in 1963 a large painting "artist and his model" (The Painter and His Model) has attracted much attention, the width is 5 feet, in 1968 after the acquisition has not been transferred, the valuation of 12 million yuan to between $18 million. The final hammer to $12 million 900 thousand. Picasso, "a woman head" and Picasso’s creation in 1951 another bronze bust of "woman head" (Head of a Woman) valuation of $8 million to $6 million, this piece of work as a model to his lover and Muse Francois Gilot. The final price is $8 million 400 thousand. Diego Rivera, "Untitled" in addition, the Mexico artist Diego Rivera (Diego Rivera, her husband Freda) early 1916 "Untitled" Cubist works (Untitled (Cub.相关的主题文章: