Suzhou fish shop for customers to choose to replace the traced shady dead fish (video) tamiflu

Suzhou fish shop for customers to choose to replace the dead fish traced shady fish in the cold weather every day! It is time to eat more to keep warm! Fish is a good choice! In recent years, the fish shop all over the streets and lanes of Suzhou, the fish is delicious and warm up. But it is said that, some fish shop are also playing the "black eye"! After the change? Fish become dead fish? Recently, "Le Hui Suzhou" column received the public Ms. Wang broke the news, the first two Ms Wang and her friends to eat fish, a three kg of fish in the pond, can do on the table Ms. Wang felt some strange. Not only the fish become smaller, but the taste is quite unlike that of fresh fish. But you can’t enter the kitchen, so I don’t know what happened after the fish. At noon today, "" Suzhou Lehui reporter went to a fish shop, the clerk introduced here is to sell fish, 3 pounds each, are now killing fish. The clerk assured us that the fish component of his home is enough, and will not use the fish to replace fish. Reporters asked to go to the kitchen to see, seeing is believing. The fish are kept in a water tank can be in Houchu here, the reporter saw, the fish are significantly higher than the outside for customers to choose from fish to small, when reporters want to weigh the weight of fish, the chef and waiter looking for an excuse to let the reporters left the kitchen. The fish wholesale market mostly flows here… In South Central Bridge wholesale market, a seafood stalls boss said, in the fish shop mostly take the goods from here, and take the most is grass carp. The most commonly used fresh fish store grass carp sold 6 dollars a pound, but the shop is to clean up the dead fish in the next, grass carp price is very cheap here. The dead grass carp wholesale price of only 3 yuan a catty, is half of the fish, the price is only half of die snakehead fish. The boss said, will not sell the fish die every day in her aquaculture market, specializing in selling fish, because cheap soon sold out, even in short supply. To purchase, most of the fish shop! This shop owner also revealed that some fish shop is the fish placed in the dining room for customers to choose from, but the actual table top is dead. The fish taste it? Was added the fishmongers! Said the fish did not taste the fish, the fish shop with dead fish posing as active will not be found why? Insiders said that there is a special fish sauce, can let the dead fish eat with live fish taste almost. A reporter asked, the boss took out a jar of fish oil, she said, this is the special additives do grilled fish, can make the fish taste more delicious, especially the smell can also be covered. Can say, the product has the characteristic of high temperature resistance, can make the smell of grass osmotic food, activate the original meat flavor, remove fishy smell, lasting fragrance, flavor, fragrance, color effect. Shocked! The original delicious grilled fish will be black businesses tricks! Quickly spread out to remind more people! Extended reading: Kampuchea girl in the mud fish directly after the fire roast, the reality version of wilderness survival? (video has nothing to do with the article, for reference only)相关的主题文章: