Taipei the Imperial Palace where the baby does not exist infringement

Taipei the Imperial Palace, where the baby does not play the original infringement of the original title: Taipei the Imperial Palace baby hit? "Li Gui" suspended "Li Kui" which reasoning? Source: Beijing evening news in China, what most can affect people across the Straits of grief at separation and joy in Union? Sesame Jun think, is the two the Imperial Palace, one in Beijing, one in Taipei. Two this is the same in the palace of culture in modern history, because of unrest, Chinese became difficult to resolve homesickness. Nostalgia unsolved, and created a yaoezi. The Imperial Palace relics were packing recently, Taipei the Imperial Palace Beijing the Imperial Palace Press Reference issued the "the Imperial Palace" of Taipei Huapu books income collection "the Imperial Palace" travelers among mountains and streams "and" graph "and" early spring ", without the authorization of the Taipei the Imperial Palace, Beijing the Imperial Palace infringement prosecution. Eat melon masses have raged, have said: This is Li Gui Li Kui’s swing rhythm? Life is really live for a long time to see, you have to take the brain circuits sesame Taipei the Imperial Palace of qi. You do not want to think, Taipei the Imperial Palace of those artifacts are come from? Speaking of the the Imperial Palace in Taipei, almost all Chinese know, when Jiang Jieshi fled to Taiwan, not only his own blanket away, also took a lot of Treasury gold and precious cultural relics. Paintings, bronzes, porcelain, jade, lacquer, enamel…… A total of 3879 boxes, nearly 25 million pieces of cultural relics. These emperors collection of priceless treasures, is a box shipped to Taiwan, think of all feel distressed. Why does Jiang Jieshi do this? In fact, first proposed the the Imperial Palace relics to Taiwan, and not Jiang Jieshi, but the Kuomintang Government Ministry of education chief minister, Council of the Hang Liwu Museum of the Imperial Palace. Hang Liwu in 1933, he was to avoid the Japanese War, will be featured in the the Imperial Palace Museum for several agencies more than 19 thousand boxes of precious cultural relics, emergency migration to the southwest area. Chairman Jiang Jieshi when he was president of the Executive Yuan and the military committee, the the Imperial Palace museum is superior. He approved the relocation of cultural relics, and appointed Hang Liwu responsible for the strategic transfer of cultural relics. In the flames of war, these relics displaced. After 14 years, after Guizhou, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other places, travel hundreds of thousands, until December 1947 was shipped back to Nanjing, temporarily stored in Nanjing chaotiangong. A rout is like a landslide. With the outbreak of the war of liberation, besieged on all sides Jiang Jieshi, had to make the choice of Taiwan retreat. In order to avoid the destruction of cultural relics, Hangzhou, Wang Shijie, Liwu contact Zhu Jiahua Fu Sinian was a the Imperial Palace director, to discuss the decision, the temporary relics of Nanjing to Taiwan to transport again. This decision was approved by Jiang Jieshi. At that time may be in addition to him, no one can think of, for the purpose of protection for the purpose of moving to the relics, and finally can not return to Beijing. In December 22, 1948 two, accompanied by the Huaihai Campaign, the Kuomintang Navy families are ready to board the "Ding" warship, fled to Taiwan. In the Kuomintang navy commander Ding, Gui Yongqing, ordered the ship’s people are persuaded to come down. Because of the box on the ship,.相关的主题文章: