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Business Talent acquisition is the latest human resource tool to recognize a candidates inherent skills, quality, knowledge, personality and other respective traits. The renowned manpower consultants identity all such traits in a candidate and offer him a matching job. Every one has some or the other talent that is best suited for a particular job, switching on to just any job might cause dis.fort. It is the work of the Management specifically the Human Resource Department to consign candidates with forethought and caution. A wrong placement would results in further recruiting, re-training and similar unproductive activities. A specialized recruitment agency understands this very fact and approach a professional with his type of job. Since the recruitment process is a bit crucial thing for both the .pany and the candidate thus, a recruitment agency should note three very essential steps while implementing the approach of talent acquisition. Firstly, the recruitment firms practices massive consolidation of talents without understanding the actual requirement. This let go the unfit or .paratively less productive manpower replacing them with the new hired candidates. This is a totally wrong way to go as it hampers the professionals the most. This is the most .mon practice undertaken by the IT industry which makes it .pletely unstable for anyone. Secondly, with increased number of manpower consultants everyone is rushing to get through a particular job. There are employment firms that do not believe in talent acquisition process and run with the main focus of earning profits. These firms make it pretty easy for the candidates to go for a wrong fit. Last but not the least, today .panies are focusing on quantitative approach rather than going for a qualitative one. This is making the .panies hire new professionals every now and then, making it a bit .plex for both the candidates and themselves. Thus, respective manpower consultants must focus on talent achievement & purchase and do the needful to hire and retain the right candidate for a particular job profile. All these factors make the process of talent acquisition a major concern for a recruitment agency as well as the .panies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: