Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck in an interview with the black hand pulls the hair – Sohu

Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck in an interview with the "black hand" pulls the hair – Sohu news [observer network] according to Thailand Siam star media reported on November 4th, Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck on the morning of 4 Dali Academy of politicians in court, the defendant to listen to the testimony of witness. Encounter "black hand" pulls the hair in front of the court when the interview. Many netizens expressed hatred for Thailand. Who is to pull the British? WeChat public number Thailand Chinese network provides an explanation for the Thai Party publicly said that in hindsight, and no one at the British hair, but people want to hug her, but due to their small size, so…… Many people waiting in front of the door, to cheer and encourage the British yingluck said that although it is not the prime minister, but also concerned about the sufferings of farmers, not for their own campaign. Before the trial yingluck said condolences to buy rice growers and not by rice prices lower chance of making public opinion and attention, I hope the government as soon as possible to solve the problem of farmers for the price of rice, rice prices in the predicament, need to bear many debt, this is very worrying. She tearfully told reporters that the day before the Ubon Ratchathani government to buy rice to farmers, to reduce a farmer for rice price base and bear the pain only, no meaning or campaign, and no political background. About Thailand’s deputy prime minister and defense minister Ba Yi will allow her to buy rice conversation, yingluck said if he is the prime minister will do so, but now is the general public, so as best they can. In order to thank the British to the local growers and condolences to buy rice, Ubon Ratchathani Prefecture People Pack 3 buses from Ubon Ratchathani, deliberately rushed to Bangkok house in front of the court to yingluck expressed support and encouragement.相关的主题文章: