The 2017 session of the Nanjing college graduates will be connected to the supply and demand of ente

The 2017 Nanjing college graduates will find that batch of supply and demand docking yesterday, organized by the city people club Bureau, municipal labor and employment service center and Talent Service Center hosted the 2017 session of the college graduates docking of supply and demand "in the talent building held. 99 universities from Nanjing province and Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Anhui, Liaoning, Hubei, and Heilongjiang provinces through the exhibition to introduce the school graduates, school characteristics, professional expertise, to more than and 400 participating enterprises, I recommend excellent graduates. And enterprises to provide jobs, graduates resume positions to find a job will be different, in the supply and demand docking meeting is the recruitment of enterprises need to shop around the booth, fixed volume to find talent. At the Shandong University booth, Nanjing Tongan Construction Engineering Limited company human resources Commissioner Cha Qingfei positive school employment guidance center for a detailed understanding of Civil Engineering Specialty in the school 2017 session of undergraduate and graduate students graduate, "last year we only recruit 5 new, this year the province’s construction and the Luqiao market, is expected to recruit 10 civil engineering professional graduates." She told reporters, on the one hand, can more accurately understand the students this year supply of national related in the supply and demand docking meeting, so as to set the entry reference; on the other hand can also find out the focus of civil engineering graduates to employment to Jiangsu. Jiangsu Tianhong automobile group recruitment specialist Ding Shijin, once more than 40 automotive professional job recruitment, from Jiangsu University to the Jinken College of Technology, many universities have a positive feedback to discuss cooperation intention. "The group needs a large number of automotive electrical and mechanical maintenance, sales, after sales full-time staff. In addition to regular public recruitment, we also want to use the supply and demand docking platform to establish a stable supply and demand channels and universities." The initial intention to reach in the supply and demand will be the next Ding Shijin and various colleges and universities to discuss cooperation details, finally signed a cooperation agreement, by the University for outstanding graduates, but also to provide university enterprise cooperation intern. This is the twelfth since 2005, the city’s supply and demand will be held this year, the number of colleges and universities and enterprises have increased over last year." City Talent Service Center official said, although compared to previous years, a large number of state-owned enterprises and the number of jobs has been reduced, but a significant increase in the number of small and micro enterprises, the demand for more vigorous. It is reported that the supply and demand docking will also open the curtain of the 2017 college graduates employment. (Zhang Hao)相关的主题文章: