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Health Excuses are maybe some of the things that people could not help using. It’s very crucial for you to be well placed to arrive to a certain excuse to avoid an errand, a role, work or perhaps a person that you do not want to have interaction with. Excuses are also extremely useful to employees who are just sitting around the office doing nothing apart from watching the clock’s minute and 2nd hands tick. 1. If you have kid / children, use them as an excuse. Children are shown to be the best excuse when you wish to leave your work any time of the day. You may .e up with excuse such as nobody is picking your kid from school or your child minder has an emergency and no one is going to look after your kid. If your supervisor is somewhat tough to convince, you can make up excuses for an emergency like your kid is locked inside or outside the house. 2. Personal Meeting or Appointment You can .e up with private conferences like meeting with the bank officer, meeting with your child’s teacher or meeting with your GP. No.heless if you would use these excuses for leaving work, you’ve got to convince your supervisor that the meeting is really only good for that day and that you would miss an extremely important event if you won’t be in a position to attend that meeting. If you tell your supervisor that you’ll be meeting with a bank officer, you can reason out that you are signing up for a loan and that if you will not meet the bank officer, your loan might be disapproved. 3. Medical Problem Headache, stomachache, menstrual period, migraine, gut rot, LBM, queasiness and others are some of the handy medical Problems that you may use as excuses for leaving work. No.heless these excuses for leaving work may need you to utilize a small acting talent as you really have to persuade your supervisor to permit you to leave work as you cannot stay longer at work anymore. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: