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The children were sent to test the relationship between husband and wife? (classic text) – Sohu of maternal love, we went into marriage. Because marriage or love, each other has the crystallization. The beginning of a beautiful and romantic, always put too many expectations and feelings of love. However, complaints, complaints, dissatisfaction…… One by one. Are the children coming? God sent reinforcements? Is it another factor that triggers some emotional ferment? Why did the couple, who had been in love with each other, had a child and began to quarrel with each other? The child seems to have become the first hurdle in the life of many people. "And forget to give the child to eat what, drink what?" If only you could remember it." "The child crying in front of the sofa!" "Don’t you see I’m busy?" "Children after kindergarten will go to the bar, a good learning atmosphere, and one of the best.."" too far, too expensive, can point the reality?" This is what happens after the birth of most children at home. Most of our young couples, or society as a whole, believe that the child is a lubricant to enhance the relationship between husband and wife. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding, is a trap. Or, with a child, the possibility of divorce will decline, but the well-being of each other is also greatly reduced. In the past 30 years, the researchers studied the children of the marriage are: child marriage law conclusion. If there is no child with the couple to compare, the child has a two decline in the relationship between the couple’s happiness is no child couples. If unintended pregnancy, the greater impact on the relationship between the couple. The irony is that despite the decline in parental satisfaction, the likelihood of divorce is falling. As a result, have children, all along. Of course, the decline in marital satisfaction, will affect the overall sense of well-being. After the birth of the child, but also to change the interaction between husband and wife. Parents usually because of how the upbringing and education of children and the alienation and hate each other, it can be said, such as feeding, bathing, dressing, diapers and other trifles, for a non-stop. Why did your love die after the arrival of the child? This is us? Endless whining, abusive, bullied, emotional? In addition to intimacy, new parents are almost no longer willing to please each other from words and actions. This is the main reason for divorce in the years after getting married. The German psychoanalyst Wolfgang · Schmid Bauer wrote in his book: "we have to imagine a child’s life is so romantic, but the reality was really gave us a head-on blow, let us repeatedly hit." Children, work, husband and wife, so many tasks are waiting for the couple to deal with. Tired, change and challenge, these challenges speed we dashed to have children after many fantasy. First of all, the sacrifice of love, more precisely the two people together when the kind of relaxed, happy, ~!相关的主题文章: