The eleventh Expo will be held in Shenzhen in October 12th windjview

The eleventh Expo will be held in Shenzhen in October 12th [Abstract] the scale of the exhibition will be the first in Asia, the world’s second, is the global logistics benchmark brand event. China Economic Net Shenzhen on September 26th news (reporter Yang Yangteng) Chinese economic network reporter was informed that from October 12, 2016 to 14, the Eleventh Shenzhen international logistics and transportation Expo (hereinafter referred to as "fair") will be held in Shenzhen exhibition center. Since 2006, the Expo has been successfully held ten sessions so far, the show reached the size of Asia’s first, the world’s second, is the global logistics field benchmark brand event. It is reported that cilf current will be "achievement of industrial ecosystem, the global value chain" as the theme of the show, is expected to attract more than 1 thousand and 600 exhibitors from more than and 50 countries or regions, and more than 120 thousand people from more than and 80 countries and regions in the world of professional visitors came to the exhibition. According to the Shenzhen city logistics and Supply Chain Management Association general manager Chen Linyan introduced in the exhibition planning, cilf will set up twelve exhibition areas, including logistics and supply chain management area, port area, air express, airshow exhibition exhibition, international exhibition, logistics equipment and technology, new energy vehicles exhibition, logistics, Exhibition Road intelligent traffic and rail traffic construction exhibition, exhibition, exhibition, Internet and e-commerce talent exchange exhibition. Yi Yatong (002183, shares), Southern China City, Tempus, ZTE, Sinotrans, Shenzhen port, Tianjin port (600717, shares), DHL, SF EXPRESS, Donghai airlines, through courier, Hongfu forklifts, forklift, BYD (002594, shares), Chery, eBay, Amazon, Wuzhou dragon Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Holland, Barcelona, Hamburg Port logistics hub, central Belgium Wallonia Logistics Association, Singapore XDEL, British Hermers and a number of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, ports and logistics organization will debut cilf. Set in the forum, cilf current will be held in the global value chain innovation development forum, e-commerce forum, thousands of cross-border electricity supplier logistics and supply chain services development forum, Internet plus Logistics Innovation Development Forum, Chinese and foreign enterprises matchmaking, the first 2016 iron combined transport and a series of high-end forum cross-border transportation forum, 2016 the logistics industry integration development forum, focusing on industry hot issues, and actively explore the development of the industry of the road, has a forward-looking significance the upgrading and transformation of the whole logistics industry cooperation and development. One concern is that the first 2016 iron transport and cross-border transportation forum as the country’s first iron transport forum will be invited to the China Railway Group, from the port of Hamburg and the main port of Representatives come together to discuss the iron transport plan. Over the same period will also be established in conjunction with the cross-border transport of iron and steel enterprises, to create a business cooperation, communication, win-win integration platform. Shenzhen international logistics and transportation Expo is sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s government, the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission, Shenzhen logistics and Supply Chain Management Association jointly organized by the international high-end logistics exhibition.相关的主题文章: