The first film Jeremy Lin MV Jay Chou gets the cap in Beijing douke

The first film Jeremy Lin MV Jay Chou Canbei "cap" – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, Jay Chou invited star Jeremy Lin in the Golden Melody king "Turkey song" ice cream MV, first take MV Jeremy Lin call fun, two people playing basketball and playing the piano, Jay Chou was Jeremy Lin (Hot pot cover cap). Debut 16 years of Jay Chou, in June 24th this year released the album "bedside story of Jay Chou". The day before Jay Chou invited Jeremy Lin filming a new "Turkey ice cream" MV, for the first time shooting MV Jeremy Lin dance. "Turkey ice cream" is strong rhythm and dance style, the MV looks funny, Jay Chou and Jeremy Lin are driving their first Jeremy Lin Jay Chou took the initiative to accidentaly across, under the gauntlet, ask "want to pick?" The result is in the shooting machine before the rivalry, Jay Chou played exceptionally hard, let Jeremy Lin shouted unbelievable. Then moved to the basketball court, Jeremy Lin is a natural site, Jay Chou gets Jeremy Lin MV Hot pot cover; you come to me, but also with the Turkey ice cream to comfort each other, tease each other, show little humor. Only two people are playing basketball, playing the piano, Jeremy Lin piano show rare, Jay Chou from time to time give advice, careful guidance, as in basketball, Jeremy Lin is also keen to give Jay Chou a lot of Basketball Offensive, although Jeremy Lin Jay Chou also feel very Hot pot cover, open heart. Jeremy Lin in the filming process followed the refrain "Turkey ice cream", said a few years when practicing piano, but did not learn very seriously, "usually my mom wants me to practice every day 1 hours"; Jay Chou recalled him to play the piano when my mother must be strict, "when I was young every day for two hours. I think I still don’t play basketball, play the piano well".相关的主题文章: