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"The first grade" Cheng Yi "face" Zhao Zhiwei two captain PK- Cobain group Sohu official entertainment Sohu entertainment news after a period of "the first grade" program, there are many many sisters are Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei each circle of powder, two as captain, strength and color values are evenly matched. I have a competition with the contest, the fans are also tit for tat into a great in strength and impetus slobber war. Recently, the program group exposed, Cheng Yi in the game but I do not know why intentionally provoked Zhao Zhiwei, Zhao Zhiwei broke out on the spot, the scene said: "I would rather lose don’t let!" Which in the end how many "hatred"? Cheng Yi fan water stadium face it is reported that the second phase of the program, students and students attend classes will usher in a football game full of hormones. Football is known as the history of the most competitive sports, nature is to let users look forward to: "my family Yi Yi Shuai to explode!" "I’m so happy to think about watching Wuli Zhao Zhiwei play football!" The two sisters are still many to imagine their male god with what other open up, but the program group broke into Yi and Zhao Zhiwei in the recording scene "hot tear open". It is said that is led by a team of students of Yi Cobain up on the gas field full of leading position, power to suppress the auditor’s morale, leading several goals, but I do not know why the situation to the one hundred and eighty degree turn, Cheng Yi took classes together "release" let the ball training students. "Cheng Yi is looking down on people?" The presence of a lot of people think this is obviously the "face", even has a warm heart of Zhao Zhiwei also provoked unbearable outbreak, one after another to put into Yi said: "very angry! Really very angry! I feel the face, I can not accept, what are you doing?" Feel the rhythm of two minutes to beat! This in the end is what? Cheng Yi really want trouble which? In the end we can enjoy two in the course of the spirit of beauty! The enemy "Captain" pedestria since Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei joined "the first grade", two people became a typical "yuanjialuzhai". The two is the new generation of popular idol, age, strength, and the students in classes as captain, is to lead the team to their mutual confrontation and competition. Long before the program is not broadcast, Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei in the studio had a popularity competition, slobber war fans to be in full swing between the two men of God both sent a hot search, after the two fans "tear" melee heat has been stubbornly high. In "the first grade" program, training mode of teachers to "sheep", the captain took the responsibility of Captain duties, not only to assist instructors management within the ranks of the size of things, but also bear the brunt of the team and opponent competition, fight. Popular with the superior strength of who? What is the high and low? Cheng Yi spike one hundred Zhao Zhiwei!" Zhao Zhiwei disdain and Cheng yi!" Idol standing in front of the spotlight PK, two fans in the saliva smoke from the four, the love of the battle of honor". Let Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei was friends dubbed the "enemy captain pedestria". It is said that after the festival?相关的主题文章: