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The first two good God this a bad one into slag not just strange text: the king heard this year, Hong Kong TV series has a son and a sign of rejuvenation, wavelet wavelet son save reputation plays occasionally also leap. So hear "rosy the spy blood long day" launch (hereinafter referred to as the "rosy 3"), the heart also blame for. And then watched the 8 episode, abandoned drama. Don’t blame me no sense of responsibility, to see 8 episodes of abandoned drama still dare to comment. Responsible to describe 8 set "3" rosy feeling is back! Produced a classic sequel pouncer, what on what degree? "Rosy" score, 8.5. "No regrets" score, 9. (if no Frances version may hit 9.5? Then the spy ") rosy blood long days" score, 3.7. Heartache to breathe. By heart, in front of two compared to the words, this score is not low? The tireless ruined classic? Start from now has "no regrets" where fortunately. The story of nine girls by the protagonist (Sheren Tang [micro-blog] plays) old age begins with a flashback, to tell the audience that it is difficult to judge the woman, she has been regarded as traitors and drug traffickers, but saved the lives of a large number of orphans…… Then, Liu wake debut, with nine girls met Liu wake (Wayne Lai [micro-blog] played), just a police investigation team, is not the bottom of the society, people is the fate of uncontrolled; nine girls, Guangzhou’s largest underworld forces Zheng Lang army’s eldest daughter, take care of family on the surface of the opium business. Do the traitors, for Japanese money, actually mind Guqiu countries hate the strong woman, doing are burning opium, save the orphans, the pit of the imperial good deeds, is "rosy". If not the identity between the nine girls gone, and Liu Xing probably never met, there will be no more later, after suffering together. The first part of the "rosy" people is not much difference between the position of the ball, the four and 91 sides work together to save grandma Chai mihang, side into each other feelings story. Although it is a routine, along the way, a routine. The audience looked comfortable, the heart is also looking forward to the two people can get married. If in accordance with the routine continues, each department can be convincing, Hong Kong version of "please answer" is not impossible. Then we see "rosy business 3" is how to pounce. The third part is about the guerrillas, the Yangtze River is still red (Wayne Lai played), and Zhang Jisheng (played by [micro-blog]] to get to know and love in the spread of the war when the story of love and marriage in the. Well…… According to the routine, this is no problem. However, in order to let two people love the logical marriage, the story of backache leg cramps. The first is the rhythm. The original is a parasitic at a college in Guangzhou, in the closed because of the war suffered during a series of events, the agents go on the road. These changes include: closed home, the village was forced to flee the road Japanese invasion.相关的主题文章: