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Investing There are many .panies in India that offer investment banking solutions for fulfilling the funding needs of corporate houses. The major services of these .panies include a wide assortment of intermediary functions like private equity syndication, underwriting, arbitrating mergers or acquisitions, debt syndication, and even taking over brokerage services for organizations. An investment banking .pany generally boasts an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals known as investment bankers who perform all aforesaid functions efficiently. The role of investment bankers more prominent when some of the shares of a .pany need to be underwritten or its debts need to be taken care of. They usually .mence by advising on the basis of the specific requirements of a .pany. These skillful professionals possess profound knowledge of various financial processes and have got vast amounts of experience to make the most of them. They are well acquainted with what processes go with a business precisely. For instance, in the event of a merger, the .pany would get in touch with an investment banking solution provider in the first place. The provider with the help of its investment bankers will analyze the various angles of the merger and decide whether it is going to be advantageous and what kinds of impact it will exert on the stocks. The role of the provider does not end here as it will look after the transfer of the shares as well once the merger process gets .pleted. It is a time-consuming process as well as an exhausting one. The scenario for investment banking is quite encouraging in India. .panies offering such service work for both public and private organizations. They play a significant part in the market transactions since they are executing these dealings for other organizations. Numerous industries belonging to tele., banking, real estate, gasoline and pharmaceutics rely on investment bankers for a number of financial processes. The purview of investment banking also includes other functions such as merchant banking, credit advisory service and financial engineering. According to the SEBI of India (Merchant Bankers) Rules, 1992, a merchant banker is any individual who is involved in the business of issue management either by arranging purchase, sale of securities or subscribing to them as a manager, consultant, advisor, or delivering corporate counselling related to such issue management. Initiated in 1969, merchant banking started with services like public issue management and some facets of financial counselling. Nowadays, the growth of merchant banking has witnessed the entry of many .mercial banks, brokerage firms and financial institutions into this field. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: