The people of Taiwan to Pro unification no passport clearance stopped – Sohu news-ca1816

The people of Taiwan to "Pro unification" no passport clearance stopped – Sohu news [Global Times reported] there are people in Taiwan recently broke the news on the Internet, with two sides belong to People’s Republic of China "in the passport, pass successfully at Taoyuan airport. According to the Taiwan Times reported news cloud 17, 17 people on Facebook posting said, "my friends and I go abroad this did an experiment, each with" unlimited support China Kuomintang "and" both sides belong to People’s Republic of China "in the passport, the Taoyuan airport, after all no one stopped us down really, let a person feel dumbfounded. Treason is not blocked, but can not be affixed to the Taiwan state?" In the photos published at the same time, two passport covers were labeled with "indefinite support of the Chinese Kuomintang" and "the two sides belong to People’s Republic of China". According to reports, in addition to the above stickers, stickers, stickers affixed to the supermarket, airlines, frozen Vigny bear, "same-sex marriage" can pass. Last year, people on the island made homemade "Taiwan state" passport stickers, which were quickly banned by the Taiwan authorities and the international authorities. Taiwan authorities have also specially amended the law to prohibit unauthorized alteration of passports. The newly revised "passport regulations" implementation rules, since January 1, 2016, shall not be unauthorized additions and deletions, altered or stamped with the map, shall not be free passport on the cover and inside pages to make the act of affecting the status of the original passport. If there is violation, the review period may be extended in the future passport application. ETTV cloud reported that part of the island people read Posts network accused Taiwan authorities is a "double standard", also called "the experiment is really too child heart". There are also Taiwanese netizens who are disgusted with the test and think it’s a "good mentally retarded" game". (Cheng Mian)

台湾民众持“支持两岸统一”护照过关无人拦-搜狐新闻  【环球时报综合报道】有台湾民众日前在网上爆料称,在护照上贴“两岸同属中华人民共和国”,在桃园机场成功过关。  据台湾东森新闻云17日报道,有人17日在脸谱上贴文称,“我跟朋友这次出国做了一个实验,分别在护照上贴‘无限期支持中国国民党’及‘两岸同属中华人民共和国’,结果在桃园机场时,完全没有人拦我们下来,真让人感到傻眼。叛国行为不被阻止,却不能贴台湾国?”与文章同时发布的照片中,两个护照封面则分别贴有“无限期支持中国国民党”与“两岸同属中华人民共和国”字样的贴纸。据介绍,除了以上贴纸,贴有超市贴纸、航空公司贴纸、冰雪奇缘、小熊维尼、“同性婚姻合法化”等都能过关。  去年有岛内民众自制“台湾国”护照贴纸,很快遭到台当局以及国际上的封杀。台当局还专门“修法”禁止擅自涂改护照。新修订的“护照条例施行细则”规定,自2016年1月1日起,不得擅自增删涂改或加盖图戳,不得擅自在护照封面及内页做出影响护照原状的行为。若有违反,未来申请护照时审查期可能延长。  东森新闻云报道称,看过贴文的部分岛内网民指责台当局是“双重标准”,还有人称“做这个实验真是太虐心了”。也有岛内网友对这种测试感到反感,认为这是“好智障的游戏”。(程勉)相关的主题文章: