The third National Children’s painting and calligraphy Biennale held in Beijing – Beijing 3u8547

The third National Children’s painting and calligraphy Biennale held in Beijing – Beijing Third National Children’s painting and calligraphy Biennale 24 in Beijing city children’s Palace opened. Beijing Beijing, September 24 Xinhua (reporter Zhou Yin) by the service center, China Ting Ancient Chinese Literature Search youth development research foundation, the third National Children’s painting and calligraphy Biennale Exhibition jointly organized by the Chinese children’s painting and calligraphy on the 24 day in Beijing city children’s Palace opened. Biennale’s theme is "happy dream?? home", more than and 20 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide children’s painting and calligraphy lovers were created based on this theme, after the primaries, check and final selection, from the selection of tens of thousands of pictures contribute nearly a thousand pieces of outstanding works in the works, in which more than 600 pieces of outstanding works selected this exhibition. At the launching ceremony, more than and 20 won the title of golden sunflower small players were invited to the scene of the activities of the creation, the players on the spot performance has been widely praised by experts and teachers. Chinese Youth Development Service Center relevant responsible person said that the event aims to promote traditional Chinese culture, spread around the school of education and training institutions, achievements and experience in children’s painting and calligraphy education, and cultivate excellent children’s painting and calligraphy art talent, promote children’s culture and art accomplishment. Hope that through this activity, to further promote the whole society pay more attention to the cause of children and children, concerned about the growth of children, pay more attention to enhance the quality of young people’s cultural and artistic. Expect to have more people from all walks of life and social forces to participate in this business, and strive to create a more emphasis on social environment for the growth of children, to children, especially to help them learn the art of calligraphy and painting the group of children with special difficulties. On the day, came to the scene of the small authors are very excited, won the title of Beijing City gold sunflower Chaoyang District hugulou center primary school, Feng Xiangning green students expressed all the author’s voice, said that in the future to continue to live, from the predecessor in the works of inspiration, constantly in the way of art work. During the exhibition, from all over the country’s outstanding art education institutions and representatives of outstanding teachers, participate in the activities of the organizers will organize seminars exchanges, to discuss the successful experience of children’s art education has made and problems together to explore the future development of children’s art education direction. (end)相关的主题文章: