The trust sector continues to go strong against the tide, 3 leading stocks have been optimistic abou-cibi

Trust sector continued to tide stronger, 3 leading stocks optimistic institutions potential Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, how to buy funds by pit? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! (original title: the trust sector continued to adverse economic strength of 3 leading shares by institutional optimistic about the potential of the foot) yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index fell shrinking, the Shanghai stock market turnover is only 116 billion 440 million yuan, since January 7th this year, the turnover of the second lowest, showing before the holiday market enthusiasm decline further. Under this background, trust has become a field of yesterday, large single market funds concern plate specifically, trust plate yesterday, Shaanxi International Trust A (8.26%), Aijian group (2.70%), Anxin trust (2.25%), (2.11%) jwtm, AVIC capital (1.41%) and other 5 stocks were realized among them, the market rose, Shaanxi International Trust A, Anxin trust, Aijian group and other 3 stocks yesterday by the market the favor of the main funds, large net inflow of funds were 177 million 446 thousand and 400 yuan, 15 million 432 thousand and 500 yuan, 1 million 571 thousand and 500 yuan, a total of about 194 million yuan. For the strong performance of the trust sector, analysts generally believe that, on the one hand, Interim Provisions on the securities and futures business institutions of private asset management business management "in July" (also known as the "new eight") the introduction of enhanced trust industry channel advantage, is expected to usher in a volume of price momentum; on the other hand, in management in recent years, under the guidance of the regulatory layer, the trust industry innovation in business has gained many achievements, the formation of a good development is expected. It is worth mentioning that, at the end of July this year to mid August, the trust sector has been a wave of considerable market, among them, the air capital in the period from July 28th to August 19th the cumulative increase of nearly 40%. But after a period of adjustment, the recent frequent performance, after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday as of yesterday, Shaanxi International Trust A plate (9.93%), Anxin trust (6.50%), jwtm (5.81%), Aijian group (4.25%) and other stocks are outstanding. In fact, since this year, the trust industry still maintained a steady growth trend, according to the latest data released by the trust industry association Chinese display, as of the two quarter of 2016, the management of the trust industry trust assets for 17 trillion and 290 billion yuan, growth of 4.28%, slightly increased, but decreased to 8.95% year-on-year growth, the growth rate dropped two digits for the first time in recent years. In this regard, China Galaxy Securities said that the trust industry asset growth slowdown, yield decline, will effectively promote the transformation of the trust industry, and banking supervision of new regulations to guide the deepening of cooperation between banks and letters, will thickening the company’s performance, short-term positive industry development. In terms of stocks, it is recommended that "high performance growth + additional issuance will be + multi financial layout to promote steadily" Shun trust. And wealth securities also expressed good prospects for the future performance of Anxin trust, the broker expects the company from 2016 to 2018 to achieve operating income of 3 billion 972 million yuan, 4 billion 748 million yuan, 5 billion 334 million yuan

信托板块持续逆市走强 3只龙头股获机构看好潜力足 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   (原标题:信托板块持续逆市走强 3只龙头股获机构看好潜力足)   昨日,沪深两市股指缩量下跌,沪市成交额仅1164.4亿元,为今年1月7日以来的成交额次低点,显示出长假前市场参与热情进一步下降。在此背景下,信托成为昨日场内少数受到市场大单资金关注的板块之一,具体来看,昨日信托板块内,陕国投A(8.26%)、爱建集团(2.70%)、安信信托(2.25%)、经纬纺机(2.11%)、中航资本(1.41%)等5只个股均实现逆市上涨,其中,陕国投A、安信信托、爱建集团等3只个股昨日受到了市场主力资金的青睐,大单资金净流入分别为17744.64万元、1543.25万元、157.15万元,合计约1.94亿元。   对于信托板块的强势表现,分析人士普遍认为,一方面,7月份《证券期货经营机构私募资产管理业务运作管理暂行规定》(又称“新八条”)的出台,增强信托业的通道优势,有望迎来量价齐升的良好态势;另一方面,在管理层近年来监管、指导下,信托业在创新业务方面已收获不少成果,形成了良好的发展预期。   值得一提的是,在今年7月底至8月中旬,信托板块曾出现一波相当可观的行情,其中,中航资本在7月28日至8月19日期间累计涨幅接近40%。而经过一段时间的调整后,近期板块屡屡有所表现,中秋假期后截至昨日,板块内陕国投A(9.93%)、安信信托(6.50%)、经纬纺机(5.81%)、爱建集团(4.25%)等个股均表现突出。   事实上,今年以来,信托行业仍维持稳定的增长态势,根据中国信托业协会发布的最新数据显示,截至2016年二季度末,信托全行业管理的信托资产规模为17.29万亿元,环比增长4.28%,略有上升,但同比增长下降至8.95%,增速近年来首次跌落两位数。   对此,中国银河证券表示,信托业资产规模增速放缓、收益率下降,将有效促进信托业转型,而银行理财监管新规引导银信合作加深,将增厚公司业绩,短期利好行业发展。个股方面,推荐“业绩高增长+增发过会+多元金融布局稳步推进”的安信信托。   而财富证券也表示看好安信信托的未来表现,该券商预计公司2016年至2018年实现营业收入39.72亿元、47.48亿元、53.34亿元,净利润为26.68亿元、31.50亿元、35.15亿元,每股收益(摊薄后)分别为1.49元、1.74元、1.95元。合理估值区间为22.4元至25.4元,给予“谨慎推荐”评级。   此外,包括中航资本、陕国投A等在内的信托股也在近期获得了机构的看好,其中,国金证券给予了中航资本“买入”的投资评级,该券商表示,作为中航工业集团旗下上市的重要金融平台,公司发展依托大股东的大力支持,通过金控平台发展巩固传统金融业务优势,同时通过产融投资,分享国企改革、军工资产证券化的历史机遇,看好公司未来的发展,维持“买入”评级。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: