Today is the anniversary of the fall of Wuhan City air raid alarms ringing roselip

Today is the anniversary of the fall of Wuhan city will ring air defense warning today is the 78 anniversary of the fall of Wuhan during the Anti Japanese War Memorial day. According to the Wuhan municipal government emergency office information, today 16 when Wuhan will air raid sirens. 16:00 to 16:03, the "early warning", Naruto 36 seconds, stop 24 seconds, so for 3 minutes. 16:15 to 16:18, sounding the "air raid warning, Naruto 6 seconds, stop 6 seconds, repeated 15 times for 3 minutes. 16:27 to 16:30, sounding the "all clear", continuous ringing for 3 minutes. Yesterday, the Yangtze daily, micro-blog official and headlines on the Anti Japanese war in Wuhan and on the anniversary of the fall of reason history is reviewed, triggered public concern. More than 1000 users to participate in the vote, including nearly four adults on the Japanese war in Wuhan memorial day to know some, not too clear". [history] @ cloud wave message excerpts can not forget: the Japanese invasion caused death of three people in my family, my grandfather was caught in Yueyang killed my grandmother in flight on the way by the Japanese bomb in Yueyang sulfur smoked in the cellar, the county government moved to the West with the second uncle on the way by the Japs bomb killed, could not forget. Zhang Tao: my grandpa is 94 years old, a year in Wuhan Baozipu apprenticed at Japanese ashore. Then is the endless flight, Hunan, Sichuan, less than half a Chinese escape. About these, still The old man wept bitterly. Tomorrow’s Sun: remember history, in order to better usher in the future. The fall of Wuhan in seven years, the Japanese aggressors utterly devoid of conscience, do bad, we must not forget. Keep in mind the history, is to inspire people’s patriotic enthusiasm, there is a country. Building a good country and developing Wuhan is our common goal! Justin: the year until October 26th and @ Zhongshan ship in the fight, and has not recovered from the uplift in the fight, there are a lot of soldiers fighting in the war, life, not only, to defend Wuhan. @yummyyummy: a history that can’t be forgotten. @ money: the Anti Japanese war in Wuhan fall, never forget the history, do not forget national humiliation, not to forget the pain of wuhan! Alarm bells ringing, do not forget national humiliation @ Jing Wu Xuan: we have to remember history, do not forget to take this road, road, road and develop! @lize Yi: the fall of Wuhan, the warning, do not forget national humiliation! @ Essien Xinhuan: every time I see a few years Chinese which occupied the day of the month, there is always a nose a sour feeling. Suffering from China, suffering the time of those Chinese people. When the flag rises, it is victory! @ China dream: the alarm bells ringing! Let us never forget the sad history, I make efforts, the revitalization of Wuhan! Yilian @ Muzi: be thankful for continuous fighting people, get rid of poverty, protect our homes and defend our country is always worthy of respect. Feng Xianqiao: this time of year: ringing sound to warn people not to forget national humiliation, to defend Wuhan, build our homes more powerful! @ Han wind: the history of Wuhan today is a memorable day, alarm bells ringing, do not forget national humiliation. Remember October 25, 1938 was the day of the fall of Wuhan in the war of resistance against japan. Concerned about the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwa).相关的主题文章: