Tong Dawei drying double eleven shopping list Michelle Chen exposure love reading

Tong Dawei in the "double eleven" shopping list Michelle Chen admit love reading – Beijing Tong Dawei connection Michelle Chen Beijing Beijing on 7 November, (reporter Zhang Xi) 6, the movie "Grandpa Christina 38" held in Beijing premiere conference, Director Ann Bingji brought Tong Dawei, Lv Yuncong, Pan Binlong, Liu Ruilin, Wen Xin and other creative debut. As the film will be released in the "double eleven", the stars also share their shopping list. Michelle Chen during pregnancy exposure to read novels recently, but also personally cook food and desserts. The movie "Grandpa Christina 38" tells the story of the early into the big city dream girl Tang Huiru (Michelle Chen ornaments) with her 5 year old son Tang Jiadong (Lu Yun Cong ornaments) Trinidad tracing, makes the single radio host He Zhiwu (Tong Dawei ornaments) a day up two generations even turned "Grandpa" opened the three comedy cohabitation life story. Tong Dawei was sealed chief decompression officer for the 38 year old suddenly became grandfather, Tong Dawei bluntly too terrible, he said that if the reality will encounter alarm. In the movie "6 year old grandson Lv Yuncong has already begun to love the little friend, Tong Dawei joked:" if I would encourage him, if it is a granddaughter I will have another policy, after all, the boy will not suffer more." "Freaky Michelle Chen although not personally came to the scene, but that day she talked about the film through a remote connection and feelings, dialogue and" son "Lv Yuncong, a few degrees of motherly flooding, Cong Cong heard" cold "news, Michelle Chen immediately said:" Beijing care so cold ah, remember to drink to Cong cong!" Connection, Michelle Chen also revealed his happiness and grandfather together, and promised to bring the film will be shown to grandpa. Liu Ruilin, Pan Binlong, Tong Dawei, Lv Yuncong, Wen Xin attended the "Grandpa Christina 38" due to "double eleven" release, the scene, Tong Dawei and Michelle Chen are drying out each other’s "double eleven" list of shopping cart. Tong Dawei said: I do not buy things, my wife recently purchased a number of air purifiers." For "double eleven" has become a chop hand Shopping Festival, he quipped: "be careful before eleven is double Avalokitesvara, then became the Venus de milo." Michelle Chen admits that he recently hooked on reading novels, so in the bag a few good books, get free time reading, will become the hot mom she also buy fresh ingredients, cook cooking, making cookies. (end)相关的主题文章: