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Video Sohu VR strategy: to invest billions of dollars to build the first VR content platform — entertainment channel, Sohu video VR strategy: to invest billions of dollars to build the first VR platform source: – entertainment channel     08 2016 25 July August 25, 2016 19:10 Beijing, the Sohu announced the launch of VR video (Virtual Reality virtual reality) cooperation the platform, plan through the exploration of VR technology and business innovation, open up the VR content production and distribution channels for promotion, thus creating the first VR China media platform. Sohu video VR collaboration platform, will focus on the construction of the whole industry chain ecological content. VR panoramic video producer, will be the most preferential treatment of funds and resources, in film technology, brand communication and promotion, advertisement is divided into content and other aspects of the program, CO produced strong support. At the same time, the selection of the top content of the video, the gold medal will be the highest interests of people. PGC video from the media Sohu "gold producer" program in 2016 put into comprehensive resource planning of more than 1 billion 600 million yuan, including 100 million yuan in cash, 500 million yuan, 1 billion yuan of advertising resources promotion resources on the gold producers for support, but the proportion can be as high as 60% to 90%. Sohu video from the media VR panorama channel has been on the line in June this year, is the first comprehensive support for VR panoramic play from the media platform. For VR content, you can do PC, mobile, TV three terminal synchronization, full support for VR video playback. Only three months, Sohu video has brought together the number of people who produce more than VR, the number of more than 1000 videos, the average monthly viewing times of 3 million. Platform settled in the number of people and the amount of video is still growing rapidly, and covers the current mainstream content categories VR, including the ultimate experience, tourism humanities, game animation, variety, drama and other ten categories. But behind the entire Sohu video from the media platform has gathered a large number of professional video production team, until now by the total number of over 3800, the number of video programs over 23000 video, about one million, nearly 3 billion times the whole month viewing platform. The general manager of the Sohu, video products technology center 56 Network General Manager Ma Yi said that several functions of Sohu VR cooperation platform to provide video content operators, advertising, marketing resources docking, docking into, support and encourage the majority of product focus, and strive to expand the market to do good ecological VR. VR video Sohu cooperation platform to serve VR content producer, IP, story, shooting, offering a full range of services; through the VR service on the downstream hardware partners, providing content production docking, while opening the Sohu generated content and the content of cooperation between the VR film production; also the service in real estate, automotive, tourism industry and business cooperation partner, provide customized content and docking. The Sohu video products technology center director, 56 Network Editor in chief Zheng Tao also said that the Sohu video from media platforms currently have a complete panoramic playback technology support, the future will continue to support the production and output of high-quality VR content. Sohu video also took the lead in the panoramic video contest -)相关的主题文章: