Warrior’s gate 11.18 open journey Huachen Yu Song mv- entertainment Sohu propaganda vocals x3210

"Warrior’s gate" 11.18 Kai Yu brilliance journey vocals propaganda song MV- Sohu entertainment Huachen Yu "warrior’s gate" sing song "warrior’s gate" propaganda mainland file November 18th Sohu entertainment fantasy action blockbuster "warrior’s gate" fixed gear announced after November 18th, once again exposed the movie "To Be Free" song "MV. Sung by "the flower Huachen Yu Free" To Be MV in the style of cool fun, movie clips is magical, trolls, Dryads and giant monster all battle scene Madden debut, suction eye, large temperament glance. Mark, Ni Ni, Uriah – -, and between – and – – – – the wonderful duel between the audience and the audience is also expected to be good for the audience, but also in the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the world, the United States and the United states.     MV impact of extraordinary scenes provoking visual "warrior’s gate" propaganda song "To Be Free" MV also show blood passionate songs, exciting battle scenes of the film show. MV boy, Uriah Sheldon in karma into dreamland, in order to save the country and the illusion of Princess Ni Ni, and Mark, his bodyguard wizard Wu Zhenyu composed Daguai squad after heavy disaster. In the process, Sheldon changed from a boy to a man. With Hua Chenyu high penetration of the song, Sheldon and his teammates fighting action scenes extraordinary. "To Be Free" by 90 sing make talent Chenyu composed and sang the lyrics about Yin. The rhythm of the song melody and be the most changeful, in giving a sense of the explosion while burning and smooth transition dynamic easily.. With a strong sense of rhythm, music and film picture perfect fusion, forming a chemical reaction, the Mark sharp sword and other exciting fight scenes and magnificent mountains scenery and feeling strong. Into a sense of strong growth story "with fear cannot change anything, only need to focus on now." MV, as a bodyguard of Mark and Uriah Sheldon was quite tied up waiting for execution, this sentence Mark said to Sheldon thought. Mark talked about his relationship with Sheldon in the film explains: "we escape their fears often do not necessarily have the best results. The best results can be achieved only if you try your best to face fear." "Warrior’s gate" is the story of Sheldon the big boy into dreamland with Mark together to save the world after a difficult story. The movie "warrior’s gate" will shock landing in theaters nationwide on November 18th.相关的主题文章: