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Landscaping-Gardening When a heat wave hits Victoria, the residents have to bear the brunt of the un.fortable and abnormally hot weather. When the Melbourne metropolitan region witnesses the a heat wave, the mean threshold temperature can go as high as 30C and this has a direct impact on the health and causes heat exhaustion as well as heat stroke. The perfect solution to beat the heat is hydration but Melbourne is going through a water crisis right now. When you can’t find enough water for drinking and other household purposes, how is it possible to remain hydrated and beat the heat wave? Even the plants and your pets need water; where will the water .e from? This is where water tanks Melbourne can be.e the life saviour! Due to the water crisis in Australia and especially Victoria, the Australian government and the state government has introduced the "Water for the Future" initiative. As a part of the initiative, National Rainwater and Grey water Initiative (NRGI) household rebates have been introduced by the government to help people choose the right type of water tanks Melbourne so that they are able to use this priceless resource wisely. This simply means that you get rebate for connecting water tanks Melbourne to laundry or bathroom. The question is how do you choose the right water tank for your home or office? There are several different aspects that you need to look at including where you live, the weather, the area of your home, the size of the family etc. Here is an example to understand this better: If you are a family of five members and are living in a 300m home in Melbourne then the capacity of the water tanks Melbourne will depend on the usage. If you have a WELS 4-star rated washing machine in your home along with 2-3 dual flush toilets and big roof space then the perfect tank would be a 10,100 litre round tank. Melbourne witnesses most of its rainfall in the winter and hence you need a large enough tank to hold enough water for usage through the hot summers. Another aspect that will affect your choice is gardening. If you have a decent garden with natural grass and space to grow trees then that means higher usage of water. One of the ways to minimize water usage and yet have enough greenery is by investing in garden pots Melbourne. The good thing about planting in pots is that the space for a plant to grow would be restricted and its requirement for water will be less. If you plant native trees like Blue Quandong, Cootamundra Wattle, Davidson’s Plum, Finger Lime, or Blueberry Ash then they will overburden your every day water requirements especially in the long, dry, hot summers. The solution to this is using a variety of sizes and styles of pots Melbourne for planting smaller shrubs and flowering plants. This will bring in a variety of colours to your landscape and also require less water. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: