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Wearing beautiful football emerged Huaxia Road losses but see hope – Sohu in Buffalo sports highlights – scored two in Yanbian red rumes 3-2 China Yanbian 3-2 China Pellegrini debut break Steve knees to celebrate 2-3! Although Chilean Engineer Pellegrini did not win in the super show, but he is happy for the transformation of China is obvious. The former Manchester City Marshal in limited time, will have to instill the connotation of beautiful football team. Especially he activated the "buffalo" is that Alois Theo, happy Chinese offensive eyes. However, the team’s bad defense will also be the most important task for his next step. Although marshal Li Tie led the result is acceptable, but the ambitious Chinese Happiness Club or make a major decision. Coached Real Madrid and Manchester City coach Pellegrini was heavily invited to become China happy, trust manager team. You know Pellegrini Real Madrid and Manchester City winning more than 60%, is a world class coach. The last round against the enemy Evergrande, Pei industry chose the match in the stands. And today, he was on the road against Yanbian in the game to usher in their super show. "Experts have a shot, they had not had the performance of general maverick Alois Theo only in the opening 2 minutes scored goals, although the work order for a New Buffalo Pelosi too early, but it is fit for the Chilean Marshal Alois Theo’s offensive system equivalent. Since then, China happiness continued smooth frontcourt attack with, whether it is large or a straight transfer reflects the threat. The game is likely to continue to expand, if not for the Yanbian goalkeeper pool. Throughout the first half, Pellegrini has the happiness of China in the attack with smooth, continue to use a wide range of mobility to find each other in a breakthrough, throwing the ball immediately after the formation of high closing down, after the success of local Fanqiang offensive. And this positive play is the most advanced game in europe. He has been working hard to coach Real Madrid and Manchester City, the essence of the tactics slowly transplanted into the current Chinese happiness. Compared to the offensive end of the color, the Chinese defense work to improve. There are a lot of. At the end of the first half, the Chinese defense consecutive mistakes, Jin Cheng first scored a penalty, then he easily get rid of defensive players pass, Luo Senwen rescue variable assists, Steve sideways volley counter ultra score. But at the end of the first half hour continuous ball has fully exposed the lack of defense after the fatal defect of Huaxia happiness system and individual defensive ability is insufficient. Although in the second half of the continuation of the excellent performance of Chinese offensive by the buffalo and scored a tie, but "cheating" after the defense again messed up the game. The problem for Yanbian gold corner ocean defense, Cui min header scored the winning goal. In the end, Pellegrini and his team had no choice but to accept the results of the defeat in the road, but the team on the offensive side of the transformation of success, or can make people feel a little relieved. In fact, the fans who love Chinese happiness do not have too much sad, after all, this year, Yanbian home相关的主题文章: