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What do you see in 2017? With the audience most anticipated drama type the Sina entertainment column Nalan dream days before being boiled, with the major TV investment will have been held in 2017, the war theatre pattern has become increasingly clear that many highly anticipated drama resources have zhenrong. The first to enter the blue, subject matter type as the basis for classification, selected the ten most anticipated type of TV drama in 2017. One of the most tangled problem is "2" Nirvana in Fire, considering that Hu Ge has determined not to play, the sequel basic completely by objective factors featuring new, still very reluctantly "Nalan Nirvana in Fire 2" out of the list outside. Comprehensive situation, ten types of the much anticipated drama drama king, Jiangsu TV won the 5, is a good drama resources covering the full range of different types. Other platforms in turn for the 4 Oriental TV, Hunan satellite TV, Zhejiang TV, the 2, Beijing satellite TV, the 2, Anhui satellite TV, the 1. We look forward to the most – costume drama — such as "Yi Zhuan" aspect: the TV adaptation of novel "Purple – Lian harem? Such as Yi biography", "Palace douju Zhen Department of hot? Companion biography", tells the story of Qianlong and he was known as the side Fujin Yi from loving friend to lost broken marriage course. And "Zhen? Biography" is different is, such as "Yi biography" is more like a "palace of emperor after marriage". In addition, this is also Xun Zhou following the former Tang Dynasty "Princess" in the first 15 years of play of palace of Qing dynasty. Cast: Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo, Janine Chang, Dong Jie and other broadcast platforms: Jiangsu TV, Dragon TV, urban drama expectations — most "Ode to joy" 2 aspect: the second continuation of the story before, continue to talk about living in joy District 22 building five different characters and the girl deeply attached to each other. A series of friendship, love, family, career and dream, is a direct and emotional survival status of urban women fashion drama actors: Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Kai, Jin Dong and other stars. Broadcast platform: Oriental TV, Zhejiang TV’s drama. – expectations — "Bailuyuan" aspect: the Guanzhong Plain in Shaanxi on the "Renyi village" called the White Hart village as the background, tells the story of the White Deer surname surname and the two family three generations of grievances disputes. Is an early twentieth Century Weihe plain 50 years changes the magnificent epic, is a colorful, shocking axis China Rural long picture. Cast: Zhang Jiayi, Hailu Qin, Liu Peiqi, He Bing and other broadcast platforms: Jiangsu TV, Anhui TV, the historical drama expected — most "military alliance" aspect: in the period of the Three Kingdoms "Wei" as the story through the camp, Machiavellian and emotional description, written express Wei adviser Sima Yi, the legendary big, very careful wit for the world crown life story. Cast: Wu Xiubo, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Yu Hewei, Janine Chang, Zhai Tianlin, Tang Yixin and other broadcast platforms: Jiangsu TV, Beijing TV drama. The workplace expectations — most "hunting" aspect: the drama tells the story of a senior executive in the world of business, perpendicular and horizontal in the emotional life)相关的主题文章: