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Health There is a huge difference between alcohol addiction and the currently accepted standards for modern social drinking. In the area of social drinking, the person takes a drink or two at social occasions, like office parties, birthdays, the bowling buddies, and things of that nature. This type of person, as the name implies, drinks alcohol socially but their body does not demand alcohol intake on a daily basis in order to function. Alcohol addiction, on the other hand, is significantly different. Some say that this addiction is related to a person’s life style, but others disagree with that assessment whole heartedly. This type of person has a very difficult time seeing the day come to an end if they have not had a couple of drinks. Their body requires it, and therefore it is an addiction. Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is the name given to someone who just cannot seem to function without having had a couple of drinks to "calm their nerves" or whatever they give as the excuse of the day. Alcoholism has been responsible for destroying jobs, careers, marriages, friendships and even the person themselves. The very interesting part of seeing this type of addict is that they can rarely admit to themselves that they have an alcohol addiction. That is something that happens to someone else who is weaker, whereas they can quit at any time. The big problem is that they are usually not even fooling themselves, as this is a very real and potential disastrous disease. And it gets even worse. The alcoholic is trying to escape or hide from something, and the alcohol in their blood stream stop blocking some of the social impulses they have about not saying things when they are thinking it, and even getting into fights like in bars and such. This can even be fatal since the alcoholic does not know when they have had too much to drink, and will try to drive a car which can be fatal for someone who is under the influence of alcohol. When the alcohol intake is removed, the addict will start to feel signs and symptoms of withdrawal such as disorientation, headaches, anxiety and nausea. This is not something that the addict can usually handle on their own, since if left untreated, these can escalate in the severe cases to hallucinations, seizures, and even death. The rehab process for an alcoholic begins when they are able to admit to themselves that they are indeed an alcoholic and have a serious problem. The rehabilitation process cannot start until the person has reached that point, and it is more than just words, they honestly understand it and believe it. When they reach that point, however, that is very good news for the people who love them because that is the start to recovery. Rehab for the alcohol addict takes time and effort but it can be done. It is a long road and will not be easy but if the addict realizes they have a problem that needs to be resolved, that goes a long way towards helping the overall process. Seek out the professionals in your area, which may even be provided free of charge by the state or county. Check with your doctor if you need to find out where the alcohol rehab centers are in your area. Alcohol addiction can be cured and although it will be tough, it is one of the things we do for the people we love in our life, and hopefully they will see that aspect of it when they have completed the rehab program. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: