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What dreams do you have dreamed of pregnancy, it is often the Sohu maternal pregnant mother message said that he was always dreaming, but especially true, hope to be able to help the dream analysis of bacteria in October. So, should strongly urge the majority of pregnant mother, October bacteria today those things of dreams began during pregnancy. That night, the wind has been quietly fall asleep in the background of the message more than October were seen a pregnant mother said he dreamed of a snake, gave birth to a son turtle, dream of flowers, gave birth to her daughter pearl. Most bacteria are October dumbfounding pregnant mother dreamed of a yellow egg, it gave birth to twins! For this, in October, the bacteria just want to say, powerful powerful! During the dream, also called dream. As a result of human sleep, the outside world and their own biological signal stimulation, a small number of cells in the brain is still active, resulting in the imagination of the image, sound, thinking or feeling, the formation of a dream. In fact, this is a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body, there is no point to meaning. In addition, the problem of the birth of boys and girls, in October before the bacteria have been talked about, it is determined by the genes of mom and Dad, and dreams do not have any relationship! Dream dream not to wake up the dream of pregnancy, pregnant mother like a badly frightened person ", a little thing can let pregnant mother become restless. For pregnancy dreaminess phenomenon, in fact, most of the reason to escape 99 pregnant mother physiological or psychological "". Normal sleep is the physiological reason. From light sleep to deep sleep and shallow sleep period, so repeated several cycles constitute the whole period of sleep. However, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers sleep quality affected by a variety of hormones, so most of the pregnant mother basically in a light sleep state, that is, the body is resting state, the brain is active. So maybe a little stimulation at night, the mother’s brain cortex will continue to be active, thereby increasing the probability of a dream, and the dream is more realistic. In this case, I hope my father can always accompany him in a quasi pregnant mother, when pregnant mother and or in the middle of the night wake up after the pregnant mother to be pregnant a reassuring hug. Because of psychological reasons, lifestyle, environment changes, and the effects of hormones during pregnancy, pregnant mother can easily make blind and disorderly conjectures of the psychological pressure. Negative emotions, etc.. For example, some pregnant mother worries about pregnancy will affect work, some pregnant mother worried about whether to smooth delivery; again some pregnant mother concerns your baby will dysplasia or malformation and so on a series of speculation, especially due to illness after taking drugs, more is the impact of drugs on the baby’s heart. In short, all kinds of pressure, bad mood or mental disorder, caused a pregnant mother insomnia, dreaminess. October bacteria: some pregnant mothers once feel unwell, will go to the bad. Bad mood up, can also cause insomnia. In October the bacteria had ever encountered a pregnant mother, she said she dreamed of a giant octopus tightly around his legs, how to throw it off, so she asked in October after the birth of the baby will strain a finger what many legs, this……!相关的主题文章: