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This post is aimed for those who are still unaware, or have obscure knowledge of Drupal. Drupal is an amazing content management system (CMS), meaning Drupal is used to manage content on websites of any kind, belonging to any sort of sector, and of any size. Drupal is actually not a CMS, but rather a platform into which various modules can be added, which are rather plug-ins that combine to provide a whole range of customized functionality to cater to your individual needs. Drupal offers numerous modules for many purposes, for instance, storing different kinds of content, retrieving content based on criteria, for displaying content in different ways and many other functionalities. Drupal unlike other CMSs of its kind, takes its role as a framework very sincerely. If you take a look at the database structure of any other CMS that has been around for a while, then you are most likely to find a jumble of tables with mysterious names and apparently unnecessary purposes. Drupal is different as its database design is clean and constantly being revamped. It is looked after that old tables that have served their purposes and no longer needed are removed from the code to clear the clutter. Table design is also very generic, which allows different types of content and modules to share the same table space. Facts that make Drupal different from other CMSs Drupal is a second generation CMS. Drupal lets you do a lot of things, such as customizing, adding functionality, managing and making changes to your site without any technical knowledge. These dont take much time and can be done by an administrator whos well versed with the process. So, you dont have to depend on a service provider to make even the simplest of changes and updates. Drupal is flexible and extendable Drupal facilitates building of a professional website from scratch in a simple and straightforward way. It also requires less programming than the other CMSs, thanks to the contrib. modules. Its core code is open, and lets you do any customization that is required for your needs. Drupal is reliable, efficient and tough Drupal is very popular for its expertly crafted and well-designed code. The design structure of Drupal allows the developers to write a code that uses the system resources wisely. This results in the prevention of speed issues and problems in regular day to day work. What can I build with Drupal? The power of Drupal facilitates you to create the following and many more: Simple blogs and static websites Simple personal homepage containing few pages Professional company websites Weblogs Social websites High traffic government or corporate websites So, basically there are no limits with what you can do or build and support with Drupal. No matter what your sites need is, Drupal can handle it. Why should I use Drupal? The following few reasons should be enough for a beginner to just go for Drupal: Drupal is easy to use, even if you dont have knowledge of computer languages such as HTML, PHP, etc. Loads of contrib. modules Lots of themes to choose from Great established user community You can get a simple and functional website up and running in a matter of hours, or even minutes. Drupal has a huge community of aficionados round the world, who work diligently to make their favorite CMS, truly the best. Please note that covering all the good things about Drupal is beyond the scope of this article. It covers only the basic few amazing facts about Drupal. So, are you ready to get Drupals power to empower your website? Valuebound is a leading Drupal Development Company providing Enterprise Drupal web solutions. For more information on Drupal Development, contact us at 相关的主题文章: