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With the male baby than with nubao’s reaction to the Sohu yesterday afternoon to get the baby is the result, when it was still a little excited, still in the office, a nose acid did not dare to cry…… Ha ha, not much to say, to the sisters reported early on their own characteristics with two fetal contrast. The girl algorithms are the majority person feel symptoms with it, is the chance, including the comeback, but also some of the factors, the theory of four months should be very accurate. Personal health is different, we can not believe the symptoms, as entertainment bar! The last point, see many posts have expressed their different views on some others strongly wanted a son of the post, even some people speak very bluntly what your mother isn’t a girl, you’re not a girl, you are a woman feel shame…… Wait, I feel shame for you this kind of person, which is not to the strong boy child three child and even four child, it is for the family, who is not a fool, there is a skeleton in the cupboard, you don’t see a different point of view this post, see have different ideas to comfort blessing don’t leave something so ugly inside, everyone is the mother of mothers or pregnancy preparation, different fate you live in the concept of open family is certainly good, bless you…… But you just don’t run off others have stressed people, personal feeling of this is just kantie, why women in women, is not easy. A mother first son group I, the second son found the play, a lot of people puzzled, practice also be regarded as extreme, but this approach will not be sprayed but envy, is life, not a mean thing, I also admire her son not to upset ah, people said I want to daughter do you want the heart with the son is the same…… Women’s voices, we bless each other! Five am writing for 1.5 hours, you give up…… Finally, I wish you all can do so, we wish a successful pregnancy! Later, I will be here to record, now is nine weeks. Written in a mess, you look at kazakhstan. Add symptoms 1, after the pregnancy is now very good stool, I think the boys have a little truth. 2, boy I see red, another post wrote five or six weeks pregnant several times after using the toilet brush with brown secretions, not red, red boss estimate is you don’t pay attention to climbing back to see red, two different, so this is also considered quasi…… Write so much encouragement. This paper sorting from the "crazy APP user – made man Phoenix happiness" share, all rights reserved.相关的主题文章: