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Error: name of similar professional regret lifelong professional interpretation very different when you see such as economics and finance, the Chinese language is similar to the Chinese language and literature of these names "sisters" professional, whether you understand its connotation and the difference? In the Ministry of Education issued more than four hundred kinds of specialty, the name is similar, easy to confuse a few, we try to pick some of them, tell the difference. 1. The social work of social work VS sociology belongs to applied sociology, emphasizing on application and practice. Engaged in social work personnel, in addition to master the basic knowledge and skills of social research in sociology, but also proficient in the theory and practice of social work, understand the social policy of our country, have the qualification and ability to engage in social work practice and management. Graduates generally in government departments, social organizations, enterprises, media research, fund and other professional fields in social administration, human resources development, social policy research, service evaluation operation, group training and personal advisory services. The sociology of professional talents cultivation, mainly has comprehensive sociology basic theory and research methods, more skilled social investigation skills, basic knowledge of undergraduate students mainly study sociology general theory and applied sociology, basic training for social research and social investigation skills, ability of theoretical analysis, empirical research the. Often public policy research, sociology, such as "new marriage law" to discuss the pros and cons, vendors and urban management in the city, events on the social impact of wealth. Compared with the social work research on social relationships between the sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, logical structure, causal relationship, more emphasis on theory rather than practical skills. 2. Economics VS finance from the breadth of the knowledge learned, economics is much richer than finance. Economics is a social science that studies human behavior and how to make rational allocation of limited or scarce resources. After more than 200 years of development, it has been derived from macroeconomics, microeconomics, political economy, and many other aspects, such as opportunity cost, game theory and other theories. Economics courses, such as the history of economics, history of economic thought, accounting, etc., are based on theoretical knowledge system, more suitable for research work. The student of economics, often using quantitative analysis method of social economy investigation and economic analysis and actual operation, such as macro policy and industry background, micro business conditions and market supply and demand. The graduates of the professional, more suitable for comprehensive economic management, policy research departments, financial institutions and enterprises engaged in economic analysis, forecasting, planning and management. Finance is a kind of Applied Economics from the economics. It is the study of the economic activities of the monetary and monetary funds to study how companies, individuals, governments and other institutions recruit and invest in capital. There are two main directions in traditional finance research: the macro level financial market operation theory and the micro level corporate investment theory. Finance involves banking, stocks, funds, financial derivatives and other knowledge.相关的主题文章: