Wuhan 16 this month from the central heating of the district to benefit more than 7 residents of mor winfast

Wuhan this month 16 day of 28 district central heating benefit more than 7 residents of the newspaper news (reporter Chen Yongquan) days of rain let Jiangcheng into the late autumn. Reporters learned yesterday, 16 from the beginning of this month, the city will begin to Wuchang, Hongshan, Castle Peak District, such as the central heating of the District of 28, benefiting more than 7 residents. "Long johns are put on, when you start heating!" Yesterday, who lives in Wuchang overseas Chinese town, Ms. Liu said the morning call, her family did not install air conditioning, these days a cold cold, hoping to early heating. It is reported that, like Ms. Liu, the use of central heating has nearly 30 thousand people, more than 7 people. The reporter learned from the Wuhan Dewei Thermotics Inc, the company plans to 16 this month, the central heating 28 a small coverage area. Can start heating? According to the relevant person in charge of the company, the current November 16th to the following year in March 15th, the heating time standard, taking into account the climate characteristics of Wuhan and the human body suitable for room temperature. Due to the Castle Peak thermal power plant signed a heating agreement, the possibility of early heating is not. "Next year will give full consideration to the feelings of the people, according to the climate of the heating time to adjust." It is reported that compared with last year, this year’s heating prices have not changed. People have two choices: measured by the size of price of 8.5 yuan per square metre, according to traffic accounting for 0.33 yuan kwh, can choose 3 or 4 months of heating time. Why focus on heating in the south piece? Dewei thermal official said, Jiangnan area of East Lake new thermal power plant, Wuchang power plant, Qingshan Power Plant, Wuhan, Wuhan Petrochemical heat source, heating convenient. Jiangbei heat source is insufficient, the company is not in the development of heating jiangbei.相关的主题文章: