Wuhan was established as an anti public telecommunications network fraud center Sa Beining Ambassado 88ququ.com

The establishment of the Wuhan anti fraud telecommunications network center when Sa Beining charity ambassador Sa Beining served as ambassador charity newspaper news (reporter Liang Shuang correspondent Feng Wei Liu Wanpeng) once the 110 alarm service station involved in telecommunications fraud cases will access, real-time to anti telecommunications network fraud center, the police will immediately contact the bank to freeze…… Yesterday, Wuhan anti telecommunications network fraud center was formally established in Wuhan city public security bureau. Wuhan police the police department and Wuhan bank, telecom operators to enter, the future of the city of Wuhan to combat telecommunications fraud will achieve rapid and effective multi sectoral linkage. The center and the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau 110 command and dispatch center connected, 24 hours on duty to deal with the telecommunications network fraud alarm." Wuhan anti fraud telecommunications network center responsible person, 110 command center received a telecommunications network fraud alarm, the alarm will be synchronized to push anti fraud telecommunications network center, the center staff immediately carry out a comprehensive study of police intelligence, the transfer time is not long, and may save the alarm, the police quickly transferred to the Silver linkage room the police on duty, the United Bank staff immediately launched the rapid freezing mechanism, the funds were frozen stop. At the same time, the investigation unit involved in the case investigation, communications of the block number. At present, the Wuhan anti fraud telecommunications network center has completed part of the commercial banks and mobile, China Unicom, the three major telecom operators stationed, through intelligent platform, fast query freeze, real-time interception of the payment; telephone, website, domain name, the illegal involving social accounts, "play", shutting down and plugging and interception; through the intelligent judgments warning, giving warning of risk prevention section, high-risk areas, high-risk groups of banks, enterprises and institutions, community and campus specific groups to carry out targeted prevention propaganda. In October 24th, the famous CCTV host Sa Beining came to the Wuhan City anti fraud telecommunications network center, he visited the center room seven, a team of "architecture, to understand the Wuhan governance to combat telecommunications fraud network work, and took public welfare publicity. In the film, Sa Beining recommended the Wuhan anti fraud function electric central role, and introduces the typical scams and coping methods to the broad masses of the people. At the end of the film, he called on the people of the whole society to pay attention to the anti fraud of telecommunication network, the action of all the people, and the common defense! Sa Beining said, will continue to concern and support for the Wuhan anti fraud Center for the home electrical, actively combating governance of telecommunications network fraud work to make more contributions. Center official warned the public, no matter what kind of fraud fraud, fraud do all the bedding, the ultimate goal is to allow you to transfer remittances". In the face of all kinds of fraud, we must do not greedy, do not believe, not afraid". He reminded the public: any person in any form that "the transfer of funds" and "security accounts", will be hung; received a stranger calls, mentioned bank card verification code, ATM, will hang up the phone or SMS; mentioned in the "winning tax", will be hung; call claiming public security requirements of remittances, shall not be ignored contains; WeChat, the message in the URL link, unless Peng相关的主题文章: