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Xinhua News Agency: North Korea’s nuclear test intensifies in Northeast Asia nervous – Sohu news KCNA reported 9, North Korea nuclear warhead explosion test day success. This is North Korea’s fifth nuclear test since 2006. South Korean military analysts said it was so far the largest nuclear test conducted by North korea. North Korea’s nuclear test in violation of the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, the security and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the world constitute the latest threat, is bound to be widely opposed by the international community. Observers believe that in the face of the current complex situation in the Korean Peninsula, the parties should maintain peace and stability in Northeast Asia, the overall situation, keep calm and avoid any deterioration of the situation in the action, adhere to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation. The international community concerned KCNA quoted the statement on North Korea’s nuclear weapons that North Korea conducted a nuclear test explosion judged nuclear warheads newly developed in nuclear power field test. Report did not mention the specific site of the nuclear test. South Korean media said North Korea nuclear test site in the nuclear test site located near Fenxi, and in January this year, North Korea’s fourth nuclear test sites for the same area. After the announcement of the DPRK nuclear test, the international community, especially the surrounding countries are strongly concerned. Visiting South Korean President Park Geun hye 9 condemned North Korea nuclear test. Pu Jinhui said: This is a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council resolutions, is a serious provocation to the international community." Pu Jinhui and U.S. President Obama emergency call. She decided to shorten the overseas visit and asked the government to convene a meeting to discuss the impact of the North Korean nuclear test on South Korea’s national security and South Korea should take measures to deal with. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, 9, said in a statement, North Korea’s nuclear test is a clear violation of the UN Security Council resolutions, Japan to condemn the most strongly worded. The statement also said that North Korea should immediately fulfill the relevant Security Council resolutions. China’s foreign ministry said in a statement 9, North Korea despite widespread opposition to the international community, the nuclear test again, the Chinese government firmly opposed to this. The statement said, we strongly urge the DPRK to honor its commitment to denuclearization, comply with the relevant resolutions of the Security Council, to take any action to stop the worsening situation of. North Korea may face sanctions on September 9th is the anniversary of the founding of the dprk. From time to time, North Korea has been conducting missile tests or nuclear tests during major festivals. For example, South Korean media reported that North Korea in April 15th this year, the Sun Festival on the same day test fired the water side missile, but did not succeed. "Water side" missile test occurred in North Korea after the latest UN Security Council sanctions. In March 2nd, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2270th DPRK related issues, condemned North Korea’s nuclear test and the use of ballistic missile technology to launch satellites, decided to implement a series of sanctions to curb nuclear and missile programs in North Korea, and called for the resumption of six party talks. According to the analysis, the United States and South Korea held joint military exercises on the Korean Peninsula, the United States deployed in South Korea, Sade system and other factors to stimulate the nerves of North korea. Therefore, despite the United Nations sanctions, North Korea in the nuclear, involved in the activities of the guide has never stopped相关的主题文章: