Yang Yang received $20 million for no apparent reason refused to play Brokerage firm issued a letter invictus gaming

Yang Yang received $20 million for no apparent reason refused to play? The brokerage firm issued a lawyer’s letter denied – Beijing, Beijing, August 30, according to Taiwan "Chinese times news, Yang Yang yesterday came out of the price paid, and after the breach of contract does not make other negative news, the brokerage company very angry today appoint a lawyer issued a statement defending Yang Yang and brokerage team’s reputation for media and users delete false rumors. Brokerage team also reiterated in a statement: "Yang Yang approached foreign entertainment cooperation, with honesty and credit as the basic purpose, but also consistently agree and strictly abide by the provisions, the competent department of radio and television for promoting the healthy development of the industry policy." The network TV drama "sword of the Han cloud" for the actor Yang Yang, the brokerage companies offer 10 million yuan, but after signing is paid double; but no production units received at the same time, Yang Yang refused to play; the brokerage company to "choose day record" production unit price 70 million yuan, and to a price of 80 million yuan to take "Wu move back". Rumors were immediately denied Yang Yang brokerage firm. The lawyer’s statement stressed: "there is a part of the media, since the media published false information for irresponsible Mr. Yang Yang, said Mr. Yang Yang approached the" sword of Han cloud "when doubled the price without justifiable reasons for Mr Yang Yang to negotiate, and other TV series chip was fabricated and the amount of remuneration of false description." The statement also clarified: "the news that, false news about Mr. Yang Yang’s work, paid belong to the false description, has also been constituted of occupation moral discredit Mr. Yang Yang, Mr. Yang Yang suspected to constitute infringement of right of reputation…… The publisher shall bear tort liability according to law, and delete the infringing information according to law."相关的主题文章: