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Zhang Chao "no problem" of winning the Tokyo film festival for the first time to try the black and white – Sohu Zhang Chao entertainment "no problem" single poster Zhang Chao "no problem" won the Tokyo Film Festival best art contribution award of Sohu entertainment news yesterday, the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival ended. Directed by Mei Feng, Wei Fan, Tao Yin, Zhang Chao starred in the movie "no problem" won the best artistic contribution award this year, as the Chinese film has added a thick and heavy in colours. Zhang Chao played a corner of Qin Miaozhai in the film, this is his first black and white style movie. This "no problem" adapted from Lao she published in 1943 in the short story of the same name, after repeated consideration, director Mei Feng took three curtain in black and white in the form of this film will be presented to the audience, because this film has not yet been shown in China, not less speculation regarding the role of the audience is only from the original novel to find Mr. Lao she. This movie is the first cooperation of Zhang Chao and Mei Feng director, is also his first black and white films, for the shooting said he is very interested in, both excited and nervous, have been exposed stills, Zhang Chao played a Miaozhai Qin three piece suits a mirror, the back of the head of retro fan full of smoke, mist, a handsome and unruly ruffian. For his first black and white film, Mei Feng director at the Tokyo International Film Festival opening ceremony interview, said, Zhang Chao is the most suitable actor." Then under the senior Wei Fan teacher and exquisite acting, Zhang Chao also used his efforts to obtain the director affirmation. It is reported that Zhang Chao is currently filming a new drama "master" of the composite, expects the "no problem" to meet with his domestic audience, also hope that he can in this film to give the audience more surprises.相关的主题文章: