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Zhangzhou, a man wearing underwear from the 5 floor fall death attracted a crowd of passers-by Herald News (reporter Wang Longxiang) yesterday morning, Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone Dragon Pool Yunlong Coast District, a man died after falling from the 5 floor. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation. According to the public, said Chen, 6:30 am the same day, he went to work through the incident, to see a lot of people onlookers, next to the police. He was close to see, originally in the area of the grass on the ground, lying a man, motionless, has been cordoned off around. It is understood that the incident occurred in a four floor of Yunlong coast. The Herald reporter at the scene found that the anti-theft window of the building is mostly closed, only 5 layers of anti-theft window of a house half open. An unnamed owner said the owner of the house, the deceased is from the half open window of the security window fell, is more than 5 in the morning, we found that he had been lying on the ground". The owner said the deceased was wearing only a pair of underwear. The Herald reporter from Taiwan district police department was informed that the deceased surnamed Zeng, 40 years old this year, is not a native angle beauty. At present, the specific reasons for the death of the deceased is still under investigation. (Strait Herald (micro-blog) >);相关的主题文章: